Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Christmas 2011~

Thought of having a nice memorable Christmas holidays this year. Nevertheless, the heavy rain spoiled everything.

My family and I went for a one night stay at Sematan Palm Beach Resort. It's in fact a good idea to have on such a holiday. I was excited at first, but not until the actual day come. It had been raining cats and dogs early in the middle of the night. Therefore, the entire weather was so wet and moody. The sky was filled with clouds, clouds and clouds.

Along the way to Sematan, we went for a Christmas visiting. Again, the heavy rain spoiled everything. Whenever there's a stop, an umbrella was needed. Can you imagine yourself nicely dressed, and yet, you need to get yourself wet?! Huuhh...that was a bad idea, you know?

I had been thinking positively along the way to Sematan. However, it just kept raining non stop. When we reached our destination, it still rain. I was expecting myself to go around in the wet weather. The wind was so strong, no doubt. The wave too. I expected for a photo shooting session. Yet, everything went upside down. Sounds like we booked the place for a change of sleeping place. We ended up sitting in the room more often than we went for a walk.

Anyway, we still have some enjoyment from the Christmas special buffet provided by the management to their homestay customer. I enjoyed the foods and drinks, definitely. There were so much choices provided to us. The only comment I'll have here is regarding the limited space at the restaurant. They didn't even provide us with a sufficient number of plates. That was not so important now. Guess they'll make some improvement for that in the future.

The remaining of the day, we spent it on some Christmas related movie and titbits (junk food) session. We also played with our little boy there, my nephew. He's such an adorable one. I've had so much fun and laughter with him. Oh! He's the only model for me, and my sisters and brother-in-law.

The next day, early in the morning we all woke up. The sky didn't look so great either. At least, we were able to go for a morning walk and have some sense of sea breeze. The wind were strong enough to wake me up. The!!! I shall say, it's so nice to at least have myself a little moment away from the busy life out there, and taste of the nature.

I managed to take some photo at the end. It's some profile type picture. I also sat down at a shed and recorded the sound of waves while enjoying the strong sea wind blowing towards me. Though it's raining then, I still prefer to sit down there and enjoy the remaining time I have had at Sematan.

I planned to go for a stay again next time, may be with my close friends then. It should be fun if it's not rain by then~

Saturday, December 24, 2011

人海中遇見你 (那些年,我們一起追的女孩 電影原聲)


你的愛值得信賴 你的心靠在身邊
只要你在我就有許多夢想 只要你在我就有更多力量
親愛的我多麼幸運 人海中能夠遇見你
親愛的我多麼盼望 就從這一刻起和你分享所有感覺
親愛的我多麼幸運 人海中能夠遇見你
親愛的我多麼盼望 就從這一刻起和你分享真心的感覺
你的愛沒有保留 你的心獻給了我 只要你在我就有更多理想
親愛的我多麼幸運 人海中能夠遇見你 親愛的我多麼盼望

親愛的我多麼幸運 人海中能夠遇見你
親愛的我多麼盼望 每一天在這裡永遠永遠有家的感覺
你的愛沒有保留 你的心獻給了我只要你在我就有更多理想
親愛的我多麼幸運 人海中能夠遇見你
親愛的我多麼盼望 每一天在這裡永遠永遠有家的感覺
親愛的我多麼幸運 人海中能夠遇見你
親愛的我多麼盼望 每一天在這裡和你分享家的感覺

By2: Unseen 看不見 MV

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


最近,我在忙着追看一部连戏剧。 是一部我认为很不错的爱情故事。 从中,我看见了为爱而牺牲、说谎、甚至于受委屈……这部戏让我有感而发。 我觉得人与人之间有时候就在于那交叉点。 只是时间和缘分让这交叉点变得更艰难可贵,因为不是每个人都能因交叉点而交叉。

当你注定跟某人交叉时,时机或对或错。能确定的是——交叉时没人会知道结局如何; 是好是坏,一切随缘。 在错的时候交叉,交叉结果必然不是理想中的完美; 在对的时候交叉, 交叉结果或许会不同凡响; 但是,在阴差阳错的时候交叉, 也许结果会更出奇的妙。

人与人之间的缘份因交叉而交叉; 交叉平衡便完美; 交叉长一点短一些, 就成了缺点。

Thursday, December 15, 2011

林俊杰 - 学不会


你的痛苦 我都心疼 想為你解決
擋開流言 緊握你手 想飛奔往前
我相信愛 能證明一切
夠真心 會超越時間
多付出 也多了喜悅 讓幸福蔓延

總是學不會 再聰明一點
記得自我保護 必要時候講些 善意謊言
總是學不會 真愛也有現實面
不是誰情願 就能夠解決

一次爭吵 一個心結 累積著改變
內心疏遠 足夠秒殺 外表多濃烈
才發現愛 不代表一切
再真心 也會被阻絕
這世界 天天有詭雷 隨時會爆裂

還是學不會 少浪漫一點
拼命著想的事 未必帶來感動 或被感謝
還是學不會 解釋我最傷 最累
痛死都不願 怪誰

把每段癡情苦戀 在此刻排列面前
也感覺 不埋怨 只懷念

總是學不會 再聰明一點
記得自我保護 必要時候講些 善意謊言
不是學不會 只是覺得愛 太美
值得去沉醉 流淚

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

You Are The Apple Of My Eyes♥¸. • *

After a long break from writing my blog, here I am again to brighten up my page ^_^

It's been a while ever since my last post here. I'm missing my blog all these while. Nevertheless, I've been keeping myself tough enough to not writing any blog during the month of revision for my final. A long war had kept me tired & unfortunately I fell sick simply before my final. Indeed, I'm quite worry that time as I'm totally lethargic & dizzy that time. I ended up, sleeping more than reading & practicing for my final. The process was difficult as you can see...My bed is covered by books & stationery. But, I manage to get through it! And now, here I am again, full of cheer, writing my blog.

The day after my final, I've been to a gathering with my friends. We went to Station One @ the Hills. It indeed is a nice place to hang out with friends, especially Christmas is around the corner. I thought of asking them out for Christmas countdown though. Unfortunately, one of them is not available during that time. Therefore, I'm looking for another countdown during New Year eve. Well, will see how it goes then. After all, staying out late at night is something so impossible for some of us.

Yesterday, I went to watch a movie with my friends named "You Are The Apple Of My Eyes". It's a nice movie though there is some funny part in it. I admit it did bring back some memories of my school days. It's a meaningful storyline. It also reminds me that "Something which already past doesn't mean it's not worth remembering as it'll still be part of your memories in the future. So, appreciate what you have now & every moment you go through because time will passed, opportunity will forgone."

I met some old friends at the cinema too. Nevertheless, what made me upset was they all tend to ignore my existence the moment they saw me. Did they just being ashamed to see me there or did I not enough class to be their ex-schoolmate??? Why?! Why?! Why?! I'm filled with question marks......

I'm having fun with my friends though. Eat, drink, loiter around the shopping mall and etc. I'm looking forward to another outing with them before this year ends. I want to have more happy memories than upset ones.

Anyway, I'll stop here. Shall be updating more with some outing photo soon. Good day bloggers~

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sharing time~

Lonely Day - J Symphony

Sharing a favourite song of mine lately. Have been enjoying this song all day long no matter sad or happy, busy or free, energetic or tired, awake or asleep ^_^
Though I don't understand the meaning of the song, but I'm just so into this song. May be it's the mood that I'm having at the moment. I shall get some time looking for the meaning sooner or later.
It's middle of November, means I've another 3 more weeks before final. Gotta work hard for it though!
• * ¨ `♥Enjoy people♥¸. • *

Thursday, November 3, 2011




如今,你所面对的正是你人生的难关之一,所以你必须克服它 - 胜者为强。



难关找上你,你就要努力、加油地把它甩掉, 而甩掉它的方法就是坚强与执著。

坚强是你对自己将来人生的期盼; 执著是你对自己将来人生的坚持~

加油、加油、加油。。。!!! \\^o^//

我是这么对我朋友说的。 也许,这是无凭无据的说服语句。 但是,对她而言却是不可多得的佳句、鼓励……分割两地的我们,我能做的仅仅如此。
希望我这朋友能够安全地度过难关,与我们一同战胜年尾的终考!!! 朋友加油了~ 答应了你不告诉其他人,我做到了; 答应了我要坚强、执著, 你是否也能做到?!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Busy week vs. Busy week

A busy week had just passed, yet here comes another terrible week. Starting from today, I'll be having a month fully occupied by revisions and weekend classes. Talking about weekend classes, I felt like to faint~ Imagine a weekend classes of 4 days continuously from early morning to late evening...... Awful weekends!!! matter how awful will it be, I'll still have to face it though! Just can't believe how am I going to look like by the time I finish my weekend classes, especially I'll need to prepare for my group revision right after a long weekends I'm having. Is that really a life of a uni student?! Then, it shall be rather too torturing. I don't feel the sense of uni though. What I felt was the pressure of studying, studying, and studying.

Hmm...when November begins, this shows how nervous I'll need to be by then. It's a month of preparation I'll have before the final. A time for me to prepare for my resit papers as well as my current studying subjects.
Here it goes again, the creepy feeling of exam when it comes to LAW. The unease feeling of getting 10 questions, and having a limited time of not more than 3 hours (180 mins), which means approximately 18 minutes to write out an answer of one and a half page full in order to get 10 marks. The biggest stress I'm having is the so called standard of examination for ACCA - to attempt every questions, otherwise FAIL you get though in actual you score more than pass @_@
As a conclusion, don't judge a thing by its appearance. ACCA seems to be easy for having it to be completed in the shortest time of 3 years (including CAT), but in fact it's not as easy as it's expected to be. Nevertheless, the benefit could be gain from achieving ACCA is really WOW!!! P.s. Provided you get it hahahahaa......

Well I admitted that I've not been doing the best of me, did I?! Nah...I don't think so. Otherwise, I should have called myself as brainless~

Friday, October 21, 2011

~♥ 十月之短 ♥~

十月,是个很多人生日的一个月 ^_^   很快的,十月就要结束了。 由于不想节外生枝, 所以最近都在努力的翻书、做习题。 几乎,每一晚都非一两点不睡, 是苦了自己,也苦了身体啊! 有时候白天上课时,眼睛超爱睡的, 不小心还真的会睡着去呢! 不过,心想只要熬过了这剩余的两个月, 将来就会变得更美好无瑕了。 可惜的是我不但不能非常地确定自己能否顺利过关, 而且我这老人家还真不能耐, 老爱睡, 不能熬夜。

最近,还被学校的CEO大发牢骚, 抱怨我们不够尽心尽力、来求学是抱着玩玩的心态、即浪费时间又浪费金钱。 最让我听不顺耳的事,他竟然说:“你们又不用照顾弟妹更不可能打扫,不是吗?! 那你们都说没时间,没时间什么呢? 没时间上网、玩面子书!我就不信你们会打扫呢!” 他这一番话,还真让我有股冲动相向他一拳打过去~ 拜托,在这世上不是每个人都活得好、睡得暖、三餐吃的饱。 家家有本难念的经, 他肯定没听说过吧! 女人终会有自己的责任与负担——那就是做家务事。 不是每个人都像一些人一样好吃懒做, 父母疼惜得不得了的。 同行学徒一提到他还真想赏他一巴掌呢! 没有正常读书时间也就认了, 现在还敢来提我们的家教?!
尽管如此, 我却觉得有一些是他说的并没有错。 现在的人的确擅长把时间花在面子书上, 我算是改过来了。 只不过, 因为一些老师利用面子书与学生沟通,所以非上不可。 他说时间所剩无几这一点, 我真的很感激,感激他再次让我更心急烦躁。 每天更努力地提醒着自己时间又少了一天…… 但是, 知识技巧却不见有好转! 心烦呐!

几天前,传来一个朋友失恋的 消息。 当时觉得身为朋友是该慰问一下。 如今,我和另一个朋友都有点后悔慰问了。 他几乎每天都会向我另一个朋友传短讯、聊天, 搞得我朋友神经紧绷, 决的他在她身上寻找前女友的影子。说完, 他就打来我这儿聊了一会儿。 听他的语句,让我也很压力。 有种莫名的恐惧感, 想逃离他的来电, 避而远之。 谈话中,他说有意相约我出来喝茶、聊天兼谈论课业。 但是, 我还真还怕要答应他呢! 我可不想当他朋友的影子, 让他取得安慰。 治疗伤口有很多种方法,就唯独他这一种方法我不赞同。 我现在和另一个朋友约好了,尽量保此低调, 能避多久就避多久。 至少,在考试之前我不想让任何事情烦到我们的思绪。
很好笑吧! 如果不是因为他是男的, 我们还不至于如此呢! 他上回打得那通电话都还我被家人问了好一会儿。 好在我向来不多交待自己的私事 =.=

接下来可有得熬了, 希望熬得过吧!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Latest me :P

I’ve been giving myself an easy life lately though the final is just around the corner. I think I’ve gone to the wrong field. Well, this is what I choose. So, what I’m gonna do now is to work it out!!! I really need to work it out now. I’ve no other choice up to this level. Never give up on the path we choose, that’s all I can tell myself all these while. I’m trying my best now. Learned to sleep late even though I’m having classes next day just to gain myself more extra times preparing for my final. It’s about one and a half month from now. Choosing to sit for four papers in the final is killing, but wasting my time and money for the decisions I’ve made are more killing.

Hahaha introduced to you my new kids’ toothbrush after I’ve remove my wisdom tooth. This is what I’m using currently. I’ve no choice apart from using it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to brush all my teeth properly with a big empty tooth socket unsealed there. I was so shock to hear that it shall take me about 10 years to fully cover up the tooth socket. I should have requested the dentist to stitch it up for me earlier on. Well, this is what happened when dentist is in a hurry, especially on a peak day like Friday.

Another thing I’ve been depending on so far would be this – Listerine! Found it very useful and helpful after I’ve plugged off my wisdom tooth. It actually enables me to clear my tooth socket properly. If not, I think my socket would fill with foods I ate…… Never like to use it before because of the taste and smell it has. But then, I started to like it as it helps me a lot in clearing my mouth. Nevertheless, this would be the new expenses in my life now. I can actually finish one bottle of 250ml within a month. Hmm…gotta get some bigger bottle Listerine soon!!!

Lately, I’m back to eating-mode. Almost every weekend when I’m free from classes, I’ll start to think of a menu to prepare with my sister. It’s so much fun to have all the delicious food on the table rather than all the same old menu daily. Somehow, it’s nice to prepare food and sit around in a family to eat. It’s much more fun that we could have ^_^

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Some ridiculous people around the world...

Here I am again to complain about a guy! I'm supposed to post it out on Monday, but there was some line connection problems that I'm facing by then. I didn't thought of writing blog to neither scold people nor cursing people. However, I find it very useful to release my anger here rather than I exploded my brain indirectly!

There is a guy who worked as an administrative staff in my college. He's having a kind of attitude that I'm not happy with all these while. Nevertheless, I thought it's forgivable as human has their own attitude or mood, but provided that they know how to control it...... Well, at least, that is my limit!!!

You know what?! That sick guy was busy doing his things. I saw that!!! Thus, I thought of standing at a side silently, expecting to wait for him to at least finish keying-in his thing first. Unfortunately, he come to me and get my book. He said: "Borrow haa???" I replied him by saying: "Nope. It's renew." He then continue said: "You didn't say you want to renew, I thought you want to borrow. Next time, renew say renew!!!" I was so shock by then. A picture come to my mind, thinking: "Didn't my library list showing it clearly. Did you actually doing your job?! Why on earth did you said that to me? I didn't do anything wrong, did I?" A lot of question marks just go by my brain at that second~ 

I walked away, giving him a kind of unhappy look without looking further for any anger to shoot right to me again! I was so angry after that. I'm so speechless, especially I'm being scolded when I'm trying to do something good which is to let him finish his work before I asked him to help me to renew my book. Yet, I ended up being "shoot" for something which I think is ridiculous. It's not only me the only person feeling that. My friend also asked me why did he asked such a question to me and his temper......

Well, I don't know! I'm just taught to be polite to customer, especially to those who are doing services. Did I just get scolded for a service I'm paid for?! Obviously, I was!!! He's gonna pay for that, I tell you! I'm not the kind of person who can get things forgotten easily. I told myself to put him into trouble in the next nearest staff evaluation form. He should have paid for what he had done.

Starting from that day onwards, I ignore him almost thoroughly. The moment I saw him, I give him an angry look. I didn't talk to him. When I want to renew my book, I said out loud: "Renew!!!" with a strong, demanding tone. Hopefully he's aware of my unfriendly attitude towards him. Well, you know, some people are just so damn ignorance of the mistakes they have made or rather they are not aware of it at all. SLOWCOACH...SLOWCOACH...SLOWCOACH!!! the way, he's the most ridiculous guy I've ever seen before~ Gentleman out there, please don't be like him!!! It's so damn annoying...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Extraction = Headache?!

Find myself have not been updating my blog for a week...Oh well, my life have been very exciting these days. Sort of!!!

I've got my wisdom tooth extracted last week which in other words - SUFFERING!!! Yeah, I'm suffering from a bad headache after the extraction. I can't do the normal daily activities I'm used to. Almost everyday I'm active for about 2 or 3 hours only. The rest of my time, I need a big rest. I can't move anymore the moment I got headache. I can actually feel the pain from my brain nerves when I walk around. And, ohh...I actually stop every revision process too~ BAD NEWS!!!

I'm left with another two more months to finish my whole revision for the final. Now, headache has been reducing my process. I wonder I can make it till the end this year. I'm regretting for the decisions I've made before the extraction. Nevertheless, regret is not gonna help anyway... All I'm gonna do is step-by-step, walk ahead, let the route leads me to the end~

Today, I've been practicing myself in drinking a cup of milk everyday. It's kinda suffering though. I don't like the smell it has. I don't know how to describe but I know I just can't stand the smell. Funny haa...?! I can eat cheese, but not drinking milk. =_=" I just need more time to practice myself to drink more milk. My parents kept telling me that I'm not having enough calcium. Laugh out loud!!! Kinda real though...

All I'm gonna conclude here is that drink more milk, get more calcium and take good care of your innermost wisdom teeth. :)

P.s. Have a nice day ahead everyone~ ^_^

Sunday, September 18, 2011


I have been living lazily lately. Doing not much, moving not more, eating not many, drinking a little... Most importantly, I broke my rule - started to crave for entertainment. 

I don't know. Lately, there seem to be a lot of holidays around with some celebration too. I've been participating well in these celebration. That's why...I'm not being able to concentrate on my studies. It's not a good sign for sure. Nevertheless, I'm just being helpless in these situation right now. I don't know how am I gonna motivate myself further when the time is getting shorter day by day!!!

I've been cutting writing blogs, which I think I did; I've been controlling myself not to watch any drama or movie, which I also did but may be a little bit naughty on Friday night; I've been trying my best to concentrate on my studies, which I've also tried; I've been spending more time on my books and exercises, which I also doing it...

I don't know, I just don't know what else can I do?! Am I pressing myself too hard just for the sack of fulfilling others' hope on me or rather I'm just doing it for I'm not satisfied with my own performance???

Sometimes, I'm just being doubtful with my route to future...... Life is full with doubt, but doubt can bring one to trouble, especially in the middle of a cross road~

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

人生的未知数♥¸. • *

本以为没有了娱乐,时间会过得特别慢。 怎知道时间不但没有变慢,还跑得比预料的还要快。 说好了不看戏、不娱乐、不联络, 我都做到了。 可是,时间依然一天一天的减少, 一天一天的逼近。 眼看现在已经是九月快一半了。 三个月后,又是残酷的一星期……

时间的逼近是我无法控制的, 但是时间的流失与否却是我能捉摸的。我不断地在生活,而时间却不断地流失。 为什么呢?! 那是因为人永远都不会在需要时间是嫌时间多!!! 我就是这种人咯……真的觉得时间不够用耶! 我发觉自己还有很多东西还没准备好, 时间却先走一步了。 真希望时间能再施舍我多一点,我真的真的需要时间~

一天二十四个小时真的很微不足道。 如果,如果时间能再长一点, 那该有多好? 看着时间满满地缩短, 我也开始由于起来了。 我犹豫自己的本事、自己的毅力、自己的决定、自己的选择、自己的下定决心……我犹豫一切一切!!!

好想让时间停下来, 停下来让我再重新考虑, 考虑自己是否做错了决定、选错了路…… 突然,我又想起了一首诗 —— The Road Not Taken。 心想当初如果没有选了这一条路, 另一条等着我的路又是否适合我呢?! 我也不知道。 人生充满着未知数,等着我们自己去接开……

Saturday, September 10, 2011

~*wee* Wasting time, writing blog~

Almost forgotten when was the last time I'm updating my blog. I'm kind of getting forgetful lately. Huuhh...not a good sign I guess~
What to do?! I can't even memorise my notes properly. People always said: "Understand it, not memorise it." Nevertheless, I don't think that everything works that way. Sometimes, there is certain things that you just gotta memorise. Well, at least there are keywords that you need to memorise. How could possibly that one can actually understand a keyword without memorising it?! When one is understanding it, they can be said that they are sub-conciously memorising it in fact.
Anyway, that's not my point of writing blog here. I'm just wanted to loiter around the blog with a purpose which is to waste my time on something I think useful. At least, it's useful than watching drama. Well, I don't know. I'm just expecting to stop myself from self-entertaining for this semester. I take it as a punishment for myself. Will that actually works, I also don't know!!!
What I know is that I get to become reluctant from time to time. I'm not fully self controllable. I also don't know what had causes all these de-motivation deep inside myself. I can feel that I'm de-motivated in a way, but neither know why, know how nor know what~
Maybe I'm just being not myself...... I'm getting tired of all these studying life I guess. X___X

Monday, September 5, 2011

Jxxxxx said!!!

Half a year ago,
Jxxxxx said: "I know you are big enough to choose what you want, but again I still feel like remembering you all that taking three papers is not an easy thing to do. If you take three papers, you can run faster. Nevertheless, what's the point to do so?! What happen if you are not running fast, instead you are running slower than the others? You might be thinking that taking three papers is an easy task, but I can assure that you might end up failing all three papers. So, what's the point if you can't guarantee a pass for all the three papers?!"
Jxxxxx said: "Next thing I'm going to say is about your PT. Up to today, I still see people getting below passing marks. How can you score below 50 when you want to take three papers? If you can't score well in your PT, how can you expect a pass in your final? Unless, there is a miracle or you just not taking the PTs seriously."
Jxxxxx said: "I hope you can reconsider what you are going to take for the coming final exam. I would still prefer those taking three papers to drop one; those taking two papers to drop one if you are not doing well for your PT."

Half year later, 
Jxxxxx said: "It's not that I like to come in here and keep on repeating,and repeating, and repeating the same old things, but I'm forced to do so. Really!!! You are big enough. I don't like to repeat the same problem every sem."
Jxxxxx said: "First thing first, INT. Anyone don't know what does INT means? You can open the window and jump now. You study till a higher level of F-papers and yet you tell me you don't know what is INT?!"
Jxxxxx said: "You people notice about the changes in exam entry, right? For those register earlier, we called them as early birds can get a cheaper price for your exam fees, but you have to make online payments. For those who don't want to do online payments, you can still use bankdraft but our college's deadline is on the XX/XX laa because we still have to courier to UK. For those who make payment later than that, you still have the deadline up to XX/XX. That deadline is already an "angry bird". Don't make online payment later than that, if not really "angry bird" later."
Jxxxxx said: "I see people taking four papers this sem. I don't know you fail the paper or you are actually taking four papers, but I would prefer you to drop some of it. You should have clear the early papers in order to extreme in the later papers. If you are not doing well in the earlier papers, how are you going to do well in your later papers?! I still see people scoring less than two-digits. How can you score less than that when you want to take four papers? It's impossible. You wouldn't be able to tackle all four at once. You might end up failing all four papers. So, for those who are taking four papers, drop at least one or two. Clear the earlier papers before you moving to a higher level."

What I wanted to comment here is that this person is in fact hoping the student to fail. No, I shall said he's cursing his student to fail. Why should we defer when we are asked to pay for deferment fees and retake fees. It's just a waste of time laa... Anyhow it's our choice. Can't he just respect people's choice. Come on laa..., give the student some support le!!! Don't every sem come in also ask the student to drop one or two papers. Like that you can earn more money, the student have to waste more time, you know?! Why can't this person just thought about whether they are giving a good service to the student instead??? Last sem people take three, he asked people to drop one or two; This sem people take four, he asked people to drop two or three. All he had in his mind is to ask the student to drop papers. Hey, you are teaching the student to demotivating themselves!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

it's holiday?!

Tomorrow is a holiday but I'm not happy because I'm having a bad toothache... Most importantly, I got tonnes of "To-do-list" for this week. My time is fully occupied lolx~

Ever since my result released, I've not been having a good day. I'm sick before result released; And, I continue sick after my result released. Aduh...I don't know what life am I having now!!! So sick with my life now but I've got no choice. How I wish more time is given to me...... I really got a lot of things in my mind that I wanted to do.

Why on earth is my life full of cross road?! Is it because of "the road not taken"?! Sometimes, I really thought of what if I didn't choose this road at the first place. Would that make any difference?! Or, just another similar route?!

Most of my friends keep asking me am I sure to take up four subjects this sem?! I've been giving them the same old answer all these while — "Yes, I'm sure". However, deep inside my heart I'm doubt about that. It's not an easy decision to make though. Taking four at once is quite time consuming and hard also but I really don't like to let it to extent till next sem. That would be slightly too long. By giving up any one subject from what I'm taking at present would be a waste since I'm already in the middle of the syllabus.
Decisions really do make my life hard. I HATE making decisions badly!!!

~Life's really full of possibility and it's hard to manipulate~

Friday, August 26, 2011

Cross road...

I was like wandering around a cross road these few days... Ever since the result released, I've not been in a good state. Though I didn't show them my actual feeling, but I know that deep inside my heart I'm very moody and sad~

From time to time, whenever I started to talk about this topic with another person, I started to feel the pain and sadness. People can't tell what I'm feeling now, but I can hide what I'm feeling now. I know I'm very moody......
Whenever I started to get myself into something to do, I would realised that I'm paying full attention at the same time moody. I can get very grumpy easily and upset. People around me tried to advice me to let go, to work harder this sem and even to pray hard for a better result. Nevertheless, sometimes it's easier to say than to do!!! I don't have the confidence at all!!! I'm totally lack of confidence now...!!!

I planned to have a study group with my friends who are also self studying this round. However, I find them quite reluctant to have study group. May be it's due to the coming holidays. They are in the mode of playing rather than studying. Well, I don't know them. Worst come to worst, I'll have it with another friends coming all the way from Sibu just for the sake of this group study idea!!!
I don't mind in fact...I can always study alone. Just that I thought that it's better to study together and explore together rather than I study here, you study there. Then, when got something not clear, come to me again. If I didn't study that part yet, how am I gonna answer?!

I just don't understand least give me some better excuse ma~ Planned to go cafe area, said spend money, would not be able to concentrate; Planned to go house, said too far or I don't know where. Complain here complain there, end up said not gonna join the group. Giving lame excuses some more. Okay, may be I'm just being moody here, that's why I got angry of them now~

Speechless with their attitude!!! Don't want to fail, please do something le~ =.=|||

Monday, August 22, 2011

~Announcement of Failure~

I've been having a bad day before result release. When I recalled about last night, I think all these was a sign of failure. I've been having a bad headache yesterday......

This morning, I was totally not in the mood. Apart from the headache that I'm still having, I really can't stop myself to bother about result. I was calculating time throughout my lesson in class. When the lecturer kept reminded us about the result releasing soon, I really felt so bad about it.
The moment I heard people reporting themselves failing their last sitting examination, I started to scared. I was like freak out by then~ I asked around for more possibility of good results, but I ended up receiving more bad news. Failed one, failed two...almost pass!!! I can't hold that anymore.

I'm scared to log on to my account to take a look at it. At first, I said I'm not going to look at it until 5pm. Yet, the moment I got home, I browse through then I realised there's no need to check on it after 5pm. If I failed, then I'll still fail no matter when I check on it. I really did open my mail to have a look. Guess what?! I was so disappointed with myself......
I'm totally speechless to see myself failing my taxation too. I didn't expect myself to fail this paper. I've been expecting my law to fail all these while but not for my taxation. When I saw the marks, I really want to bang myself to the wall!!! Almost there...just a few more steps to the passing door~ Now, I've to restart everything just because of the few steps.

I'm kind of phobia to retake those failed in fact. Don't know I can do that or not this coming sitting......

So heart breaking now......I'm leave totally speechless!!! I need more time to get back to normal. Where are my lucky charm?! I need you!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

I want MIRACLE...

At this point of time, I have no other but worry...... WORRY, WORRY, WORRY!!! I'm worry to the max now. It's 19th of August today!!! OMG...!!! I'm curious; I'm worry; I'm of no way, but nervous~

I told myself to be easy. After all, I have made the great deal to myself. If, if I were to fail, I shall fail only F4, ONLY F4!!! That's more. I can bear no more than that. I'm gonna be crazy if the time go slower, but I'm gonna worry to dead if the time go faster...... I don't know what I want!!!

I know I'm not the only one worrying now. Nevertheless, I can't help myself. Nothing can ever stop me from thinking about it. Though I've tried to talk to my friends about it, but they also feel worry and nervous now. Everyone is counting towards the day of the result coming out. I wonder I would be able to go to class and sit right there as usual?! 

I remember last lesson I was having fun because of some funny people asking funny questions and doing silly mistakes. Imagine she was not paying attention during the lesson which was very obvious (from my point of view), then she asked the lecturer: "Since the depreciation is more than the cost on the third year, the answer suppose to be in negative, right?!" Hahaha laugh out loud!!! Obviously, the answer is due to wrong calculation...try to press your calculator also know the answer la~ There's another time she made herself silly too. The lecturer asked:"20x4-20x6 is how many years?" I remembered she answered:" It's 6 years." Unbelievable answer I've ever heard!!! Well, of course, that was the time when there's no worry.

How would the day be to me?! Would it be a bad and sad day or rather a day full of miracle?! Huh...I don't know either~ Lets hope for the best!!! I'm in no's a bad, bad August to me! :(

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

tHe conFlict of emO aNd stRess part II

what makes me conflicting again today?! well, today i have my first progress test for my audit and assurance paper. it's very easy yet so difficult......i could hardly thought of those points that i've memorised last night, not to say to pour it all out into a page of essay~
before the exam, i'm totally stressed up. i'm having an option to study, but i'm motivated to chat with my old friend who is leaving soon; during the exam, i'm stressed to answer the questions presented to me. 
after the exam, i'm totally blur!!! i don't know what am i doing?! all i know is that one of my old classmate is going to go abroad. she's going else where today...going some where far away from me to further her education. it's something good and perfect in fact. nevertheless, i'm emo-ing now. though we have had a lot of fun before she left for her better future, i'm still having a bit of sadness hiding deep inside my heart~
i shall miss my friend a lot. she's going there for three years. three years can do a lot of things. by then, i should be working either.
friends will be flying one by one to their destined place...and i'm still here as usual!!! sometimes, i do hope that i could fly to somewhere far far away...i would rather choose to fly abroad than seeing my group of close friends flying one by one. i don't mind to experience the feeling of leaving all my friends and family here for a moment though~
i started to miss her, miss all my friends...and i felt guilty for not being able to skype with her last night. it's was just a small request from her last minute before she fly, yet i didn't manage to fulfill her. i'm guilty!!!
currently, i'm preparing a slide of our photos as a memory of our friendship. hope i can get it done perfectly...~

p.s. emo-ing mode now...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Conflict of Ease and Stress~

It's been a long time I didn't update my blog. might thought that a week is not a long time, but within this week time really do mean a lot to me. With the beginning of this week, I start to feel the stress within myself. Today is Wednesday. By right, I'm ease to know that today is Wednesday. Nevertheless, I'm also stress to know that today is already Wednesday.

I've started my new semester now. At first, I felt like exciting. I'm curious for everything - the lecturers, my course mates, my course notes and of course, my results too. Everything were not in my expectation so far.

Lets use my Financial Reporting lesson for instance. I'm not quite surprised that my new lecturer would be a lot different from the last lecturer's performance. She's not just different, but also so in a mess. I can see her improving and changing way of lecture in order to fit with our expectation. However, she still need a lot of improvement, either from lecture or time management. Okay, she's new! I understand her, but who will understand me?! At least she's on the path to success...ME, just on my way~

Another torturing moment would be my Audit and Assurance lesson. It's a long weekend I'm having last week. Starting from Friday night, I've been doing the work of copying. No doubt, she's a environmental friendly lecturer I've ever seen. She suggested for us to copy our own notes instead of using a ready made notes from her. Although both notes would end up the same as from her, but her main idea is that, students can remember better through copying rather than just read what is there.

Could you imagine a long hours classes of eight to nine hours and you have to do all the copying work?! I bet you'll die of copying one day......I'm not kidding you know!!! After the weekend block, I've recalculated roughly how many foolscap I've used, and I found out that I've copied about fifteen foolscap of both side (fully utilised). Imagine you copy from 1pm-10pm, then the next day you continue from 8am-6pm......that was truly a long hour of hand exercise~ Oh!! More surprisingly, we are required to sit for our first progress test after the last three days of long hours classes. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

I'm not ready for the test yet so far as I'm still in the stress mode with my financial course. I'm glad that I didn't take three subjects at once. Looks like I've made a right choice though I felt like I've been wasting a lot of my time all this while.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

am in no mood...

Today I've been very lazy. Is it because of the weather or what?! I also don't know. Just being lazy I guess..that's all~

The weather has been very bad lately, extremely hot I shall say. Today, the weather just nice. A bit cloudy and not as hot as usual days. These is great in fact. However, I felt so moody. I'm in no mood neither for homework nor story books. What I could think of is "I am so tired."~~

Don't know why, but today sounds quiet in every aspect. Everyone is having their own probs, so do I!!! My biggest prob is "How am I gonna get through this f7 paper?". I find myself very blur in this so called IAS thingy. My lecturer isn't giving me a clear picture anywhere. I don't like her course material either. godness!!! It's just the second lesson and I already have such a problem with her. How to survive till the end???

Sometimes, there are certain things that we can't actually just depends on memorising. I don't even think memorise do give me a helping hand here. How do memorise when I'm not sure what is it talking about?! I really really lost my confidence now...

Moreover, about a few weeks later would be my result day. What else would I need to do...?! If I were to fail one of my paper, I would be in a big trouble as well. My maximum limit is one paper only. The one and only paper that I'm not giving it a big hope~~~
Of course, I hope for some miracle to happen. It would be better if I pass all the three of it ",)

Monday, August 1, 2011

My last holiday & my first day of class

Well, I ended up spending my last holiday with a book fair held at Crown Square yesterday. I saw some nice second hand books~ Yeah, there were a lot of them until I don't even know which shall I choose. I walked around here and there, expecting for some more good stories.

In fact, there were a lot of choices I have had. There were paperback's books, general books, romance, health, sports and humuor. Mostly I've got is from the paperback. I don't really know the author well though, but I managed to choose seven books out of the dozens of books at the fair.

It didn't cost much of the money. What we care is whether the books worth of buying. I can tell you, it's worth of buying. I really spend much more lesser than buying a book from a bookstore, and most importantly, I heard it's instead a charity fair. Thus, I'm indirectly doing some charity there.

I started to read one of the books bought. So far, the story goes well. It's still in a good impression. I should be able to finish it anytime sooner only if I'm not too busy or tired since I'm having class now.

Today, I'm in my college for new subject. The lecturer is a new girl from some where else. She looks okay, but kind of not having enough experience. How I wish she can voice up a little bit more, like what my secondary teacher used to tell me: "Don't eat up your words!". She was doing that just now.

I'm quite okay with the class but not until I found out she's not teaching step by step. Ahh...let me rephrase! I shall say she's not telling us clearly the steps. Therefore, I believe most of us would find ourselves getting lost during revision later.

Worst of all, she even took up some of our time to finish her lesson. We are suppose to have class till 1pm only. At the end, we ended class at 1.30pm. I know this would shows her responsibility in her career, but can't she think of students who might not be driving on their on?! She'll get them into trouble. Some parents might be using their lunch hour to pick up their children. If you took up some of their time out of sudden just with a question: "You don't have class after this right?!", then, who would replace back the half and hour that their parents lost...?! She really should have asked us: "Any one of you not driving on their own?" instead. She just forgot to bring her brain into the class as a whole I think~~ @.@

Huhh..., she really gave me a bad impression today. I know she's new. So what?! New doesn't mean don't know. If really don't know, please ask!!! That's what lecturer always teaches us, don't they?!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

bAd peRsoNaLiTy

I was very happy, but not until something came up~ Okay, fine!!! Sometimes, I just don't understand certain people. I really don't know what are they thinking about?! Guess that people don't actually realise the bad habit that they are having unless someone actually point it out. Who on earth would be so busy body?! No one, of course......

You know what, there' some kind of person that can actually irritate you a lot if you can't handle it properly. The worst thing is that that person didn't find he himself irritating people. You want to why?! I'll tell you why. 

This kind of person can never accept advice from others. Only he himself can get people into hot water, but not he himself. This particular one always thought he is the best of all, clever, smart and everything he can do by himself~

In fact, he's as lazy as a pig, as grumpy as an old lady, as irritating as a bug and as lousy as a crap!!! Thought that he's clever so what?! Clever is not your daily food man...come on! How on earth are you going to feed on clever?! Oh my....I pity him!!!

Whatever~ I just so dislike this kind of people. Don't ever let me meet same kind of personality again some day out there......I can't guarantee I won't beat him up!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Music session♥¸. • * 张靓颖

When you think that life's getting bored, come have some music session!!! Oh yeah, music cure the boredom in your life  :D

張靚穎[改變] 官方高畫質 繁體字幕MV

[HD]張靚穎 愛就愛 MV 高清完整版 1080p

我飞故我在-- 林俊杰 Ft 张靓颖

《现在我终于明白 每个人都有原因而存在 有一种期待叫做未来……》 这是一段我认为歌里最有震撼力的一句话。

大家也一起来听一听吧! ^_^

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My weekends~

Have been playing crazily with my old friends last weekend. We have had a last minute gathering in the Saturday afternoon. Most importantly, I bought them their long time no meet friend, who is also my best buddy!!! Of course, we all played happily~

I was having the same thinking as my buddy which is "how on earth did my friend get to know so many places to gather?!". We actually get to meet at a place named "Meal Art" at Jalan Song. Overall, I can only said that the place is nice for "lim teh" only. Hahaha...why did I said so?! Well, I tried their food and it's too salty and a bit too much vinegar. I like their drinks though. It's reasonable and the taste just nice, not too sweet.

We had had a nice chatting session over there. We even took some photo there. One of them suggested us to move to another place rather than sitting right there for the rest of the hours. So, we decided to go Hills. Hohoho...funny!!! I've never been there before. We thought of meeting at Station One the next gathering......
At Hills, we played crazily too. We took a lot of photo at Pullman lobby. LOL!!! Guess that's our craziest moment of all... My friends actually thought of all sorts of pattern and style to take a photo. I think the staff there would thought that these group of girls are so crazy. What to do?! They can't chase us out anyway...we are customer!!!  :D

Before we dismissed, we have thought of the next gathering for Kuching Festival! This meeting would be rather difficult a bit. I'd be having my class starting August. Thus, they would be having a hard time to gather all of us on a specific time. All I can think of is on 12th or 13th August. Otherwise, either me or my buddy would be not available! Huh...bad bad~

Anyway, lets hope for the best!!! Hopefully my friend can depart on the 16th. Then, we'd be able to meet up on the 12th or 13th... ^_^

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Counting towards the end of my hols...

Only then I realised that time passes really fast. My holidays almost coming to an end~ Something good, something bad! Good is I can back to my busy life; Bad is I don't like my upside down life... Before it comes to a complete end, I shall keep myself scheduled for meeting some of my friends and colleagues ♥
Eventually, I've been meeting friends lately. A lot of them of course! Nevertheless, I've not met any of my ex-colleagues yet. Guess they should be waiting for the day to meet me~ I think I've not been doing well in this social life. I promised to meet them when I'm free, but I ended up busy with some other meetings and gathering.
Up till today, I've been to gathering with my old secondary friends for about twice already. Yet, I've not even spend my holidays once with my colleagues. They shall blame me for that. I'm guilty!!! Of course, my colleagues won't run away but my friends will. My colleagues would still remain in Kuching after some time, though there's some unpredictable circumstances.
However, one thing I can be very sure is my secondary friends are leaving very very soon. They have priority in my social time table. Anyway, I'm gonna schedule my time for my colleagues anytime soon. This coming Saturday may be?! Provided they all are free...... So, I'm gonna make my query to all of them tomorrow. Hopefully, they all would be available since I don't think I'll be having any free time for the next coming weekends.
Oh well, it's about time for Kuching Festival again! This time, I'm gonna spend it with my friends. My old friends already invited me in advance. Thus, I've no excuse anymore. If they were to go next weekend, then I'll be the one missing from my grandmother's house. Why did I say so?! Well, my far far away cousin is coming back from his graduation next week. I believe most of my close cousins would turn up by then, except me!!! 
Hahaha...what to do??? I can't help either. This would be the last Kuching Festival my friends would be celebrating before their departure to overseas. I can't missed this up though I'm looking forward to see him hugging my little nephew~

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


昨晚, 临睡前突然收到了一则短讯。 短讯内容大约是:“我误看了F9上课时间,于是错过了一整个block。 现在,想问看有没有人能够借我笔记参考一下。” 短讯内容虽然让我感到吃惊, 不过吃惊是其次, 懊恼倒是胜过于一切。 朋友向我求救, 我必然有责任尽我所能帮她一把。 我可是很用心地想看看有谁能帮她一把的哦! 想着想着,睡着了~

一觉睡醒来后,我第一件想到要做的事就是帮我那位朋友四处问问。吃着早餐的我,看着自己的面子书绞尽脑汁才决定向其五个人询问。 这五个人当中,有熟悉的也有生熟的; 熟悉的当然很乐于助人, 生熟的则另当别论了。 三个生熟的当中, 有一个很不给面子耶! 以前自己也曾经有求于人, 现在把人当透明嗄?! 至少,这次帮人的同时也让我看清了某些人的真面目!!! 拜托, 帮人不会要你命吧……! 需不需要二话不说, 直接脱离谈话?! 真现实呢~

果然朋友多有好处……早上刚送出的讯息, 下午就有好心人给了我一个好消息! 做朋友能做到这样算是不错了吧我?! 无条件的帮忙……有人还问我,为什么那么热心帮她?! 我便会答说:“人家有求于我,想必也是别无选择了吧! 既然我能帮得上忙, 那就帮呗!”

帮人的确不需要理由。 即使是没有回礼的帮忙, 那又怎样?! 倘若帮人是为了得到某些利益,那最好就视而不见, 不要帮更好。 从小,我们都被教导要养成帮人不求回报。 如今, 正是我们证明自己有把教导牢记在心里的时候了。 人家常说“人性本善”, 我到觉得“人性本难测”。 不到最后一秒钟,你是不可以那么快下定论地~

我做到了! 可是, 别人呢?! 我不知道别人是怎么想的, 但是不帮忙也好,帮不了也罢! 总得开口交待一下嘛……~ 对她,我真的无言。 希望她好知为之吧! 将来, 我会三思、三思,再三思才决定出不出手相救...   :X

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dream¸. • * ¨ `☆room☆

If I got a choice, I'd like to redesign my bedroom. It's not that I don't like my current bedroom, but I think I'd rather it to be in favour of me. Well, at least I'm not the only one who thought of it. Sometimes a little changes make life happier...

I browsed through the web few days back and I found some interesting idea of decorating my room. Quite impressive though. I enjoyed looking at the room design that it provides me with. There are a few design that I really so into it, but the colour would rather not my taste. I'd prefer dark colour. As what my mother always said:" Lazy people don't use bright colour." fact, I agree with her. Now, I'm free like hell. Nevertheless, the moment I start my class, everything would be very time consuming for me, what to say to clean my room?!

What style do you wish to have?! I see there are quite a couple of selection. There are easy, complicated, messy, romantic, nature, princess, office, luxury, childhood, holiday, bar and even lounge style. Amusing!!! 
Personally, I'd opt for the easy style. I think a place to rest shall not be too complicated. A room to rest with some entertainment stuff would be great! What kind of entertainment then? Hmm..., entertainment like enhancing books, music and computer (for me to blogging and social networking)~ Other facilities such as a closet, a table and chair, a cupboard to keep my entertainment stuff, and last but not least, a sofa which functions as a bed as well (can save a lot of space). Finally, I would match all these with my favourite colour - plum colour / chocolate colour (any one which is easier)

Of course, it may be very costly for me to change it all at once. Thus, I would start to set a target for myself starting from today. What plan am I up to?! Money saving plan...I'm sure it's hard to save money. However, when there is a target, there is a motivation!!! Oh come on, decorating your own room would be much more fun than wasting money elsewhere~

Don't you think having a room in favour is a meaningful things to do?! It's something that one can be proud of! After all, it's a room for yourself to rest at. Every one deserved to have a preferred kind of room in life~ When there's dream life, there's also a dream room......