Monday, January 31, 2011


Charmed is a nice television series I like very much. Charmed was created in 1998 by writer Constance M. Burge and was produced by Aaron Spelling and his Spelling Television company, with the show runny being writer-director Brad Kern.

Prue, Piper, Phoebe and, later, Paige, are the most powerful good witches. Being in the Halliwell family, they are destined to protect the innocent lives against evil beings, or rather known as demons and warlocks in the series.

In the non-supernatural community, they are just the normal women. However, they are the Charmed Ones in the magical world. Each sister is granted with a magical power along with the ability to cast spells and brew potions.

Prue, being the eldest, possesses the power of telekinesis which later evolved to being able to astral project. Piper, the second among the sisters, has the power to freeze people or object. With the proficiency she gained, she is able to freeze only certain thing people, object or even body parts as she wishes. Later, she also possesses the ability to blow things up. Phoebe, the youngest, is having the power of being able to get premonition, which evolves into the ability to receive visions from both the future and the past. Her power later grows to the power of empathy and levitation.

After all the fighting with the evil beings, unfortunately, Prue died later in Season 3. This is where Piper and Phoebe discovered the existence of their half sister, Paige Matthews. Being the daughter of her mother and the Whitelighter, she is given the form of telekinesis and could verbally call for objects to orb them where she wants them to. She later learns to orb herself and others, and eventually receives her own charges to train and protecting, so as developing to the ability to heal others.
Charmed, is the series about the life of the three sisters being a witch and a half Whitelighter-witch sister. Throughout the stories, you can see a lot of challenge that come to them. They are always the one to settle the problems no matter what are the circumstances. They are very brave and strong enough to deal with the tense situation from time to time. Apart from all these supernatural issues, they are also required to deal with the mortal’s issues, such as relationships, careers, marriage, illness and death of their loves ones.

These sisters are bond together, and their love for each other makes them shield from the evil. The Power of Three, the power that enhanced their magical powers, and is said to be most powerful ever power that is crave of by the Underworld.

Friendship Forever

You yeah you!
Obviously staying beside me,
Understand me the best.

A best friend who is like a heart,
I am precious of;
Living deep inside me always;
I will never forget the trust
N the loyalty I have felt,
Glad that you are with me~

Nothing is better than
D friendship we are having.
So as you would feel too!

Or rather I would say
Relationship which will
Very truly
Existing and
Real friend~

~My Best Buddy~

I have known her since I was in primary. Honestly speaking, we have been in the same class since then. We have never been far apart from each other…

I enjoy my life being with her. It is a happy thing to have her in my childhood life till present. The only thing I was so sad was I only started be-friend her when I was in Primary 5. Why? You ask me why?!

Well, you know, we have our own friend from kindergarten. So, when we all combine in a class, there will be a lot of them. We would not be able to talk and mix around so quickly, especially if they already have their own existing group.

In Primary 5, we have already change class. The good ones go to the genius class. That is where we started to get close to each other. We sit like front and back. I remember that she was in front of me. Then, we started to talk sometimes. From time to time, we get along well. When we talk, we build our friendship chain. Automatically, we are friend then.

Ever since we become a best friend ever, we always stay together. From primary life, we went forward to secondary life. We were able to sit together, study together and outing together. Almost everything I did would never without her, so as my curricular activities too.

When our secondary life comes to an end, we could feel the gap between us. A big gap ahead that leaves us far apart. We would no longer be together in class. There are times I felt so lonely without her being around. Everything around me was just so anonymous.

Now that we have our own different column, but we still keep in touch. I enjoy listening to her stories. I enjoy giving her a helping hand. I like being out with her, going for a window shopping etc.

She has been in my life all this while. Almost every process of my life is not without her. Hey, are you my guardian angel?! I doubt that. She makes my life gets colourful and meaningful. Every time when I heard her voice, I would be very contented. She just has the power of making my day perfect. Undeniable, she is a very very very good friend!!!

Until today, I still remember the birthday card she designed for me. A birthday card decorated with the Disney cartoon – Winnie the Pooh. She even wrote a birthday song to me. It was the precious ever birthday gift I have ever received. Thank you, friend!!! You know who you are and I know you will read this…

4 hours + 8 hours + 7.5 hours

Sitting in a class of hours and hours of lessons were just so torturing. I really felt so blur when it comes to the third day of continuous lesson. I have tried my best to concentrate in class. Unfortunately, my brain still preferred to stop functioning.

I doubt if I actually absorb all the 4 hours + 8 hours + 7.5 hours of lecture into my mind?! These are just not right. I know, I know, the seniors have done that too. I am partially willing to scarify my weekends. However, it is not just the matter of willing or not. It is whether my brain is alert or not.

I can tell that my last 7.5 hours of lessons were all in a mess. From time to time, I got myself lost some where else. Sometimes, I was listening, but I do not get it into my mind. Other times, I was like sleep sitting. My eyes were looking at my course notes, but my brain went some where else, roaming I guess…I was just not in it!!!

Now, the problem is that this is just a Taxation paper, yet I am already in a messy me. What happen when it comes to my Law paper?! I doubt if I could stay awake for the first 4 hours + 8 hours even…

Friday, January 28, 2011


Writing blog is just another way I filled up my empty weekdays. I find writing blog helps me to play around with my thoughts and languages. It makes me think and it helps me “speak” in another way.

This is really useful to me. At least, I am not spending my free time just for social networking and playing games. I share things that I like and experienced in blog. I really enjoy it. It also makes me recall my Chinese. I have been using it in communication lately rather than writing and expressing it. I am not willing to give up my languages skills.

Through blog, I write what I think and share what I feel like to share. There is no limit, but freedom. Writing blog does not create any stress to me. Instead, it helps me to de-stress. I can pour all my whatever feelings to it.  


Here I am, sharing my new thoughts of life. Life is not just about study and work. There is also fun. Sometimes, we do need to slow down our footsteps, and take a look at the peaceful life around us.

Well, I have done so. After all these years of studying, I have been to a week of holidays. I have taken a quick but rather fruitful trip to some part of West Malaysia and Singapore. It was quite a long time I have not been for holidays, maybe more than 10 years?! I can’t really recall.

However, when I step back to these old places that I have been before, I just felt so refreshing. It reminds me of my childhood moment. Can you imagine? I have been living within Kuching for the past few years, doing nothing but study. Out of sudden, I felt that I have not de-stressed myself all this while. I was so lucky to pass through it and got myself  an advanced-diploma in Certified Accounting Technician.

The life when I am having fun is just so happy and relaxing. I could feel no stress just fun and excitement. Everyday, I have no worry neither on homework nor assignment. I really did not let my brain works. It was so nice that my brain can finally slow down its speed.

Now, here I am, back to my normal life, continue with my study life again. At the mean time, nothing really stressful visited me yet. I have rather free weekdays but busy and fully occupied weekends. Unfortunately, this life is going to continue for a year or two.

I believe I can make it!!! ^_^




李雅微 - 不下雨的星期一

作詞:孫達布 作曲:孫達布

腳步很輕很輕很輕 妳忘了要發出聲音
睡的很靜很靜很靜 妳忘了說過要一起
天氣很晴很晴很晴 妳忘了今天不下雨
身體很冰很冰很冰 妳忘了要張開眼睛

天空忽然決定下雨 我來不及收拾那些回憶
傘底下的那個妳 丟下我去哪裡
原來天空沒有下雨 濕了的是我哭紅的眼睛
滴答滴答滴答滴 我好想念妳

腳步很輕很輕很輕 妳忘了要發出聲音
睡的很靜很靜很靜 妳忘了說過要一起

天氣很晴很晴很晴 妳忘了今天不下雨
身體很冰很冰很冰 妳忘了要張開眼睛

天空忽然決定下雨 我來不及收拾那些回憶
傘底下的那個妳 丟下我去哪裡
原來天空沒有下雨 濕了的是我哭紅的眼睛
滴答滴答滴答滴 我好想念妳

腳步很輕很輕很輕 我忍住悲傷的共鳴
睡的很靜很靜很靜 轉身的擁抱沒有妳
天氣很晴很晴很晴 我知道今天不下雨
雙手很冰很冰很冰 我已經握不住妳

Thursday, January 27, 2011




单身也许不是永久的人生道路。 但是,唯一能够破解单身生活的关键就是那一半。那一半的出现会耗时多久呢?是未知数吧!没有人能够知道未来会发生什么事;更不知道将来的自己是否还单身。。。



  丁当 -《一半》


喝 酒  的 伴    一 起 看  电   影   的 伴
hē jiǔ de bàn   yì qǐ kàn diàn yǐng de bàn
早  午 晚  餐  的 那 个 伴
zǎo wǔ wǎn cān de nà gè bàn
朋   友  不 能   留  得 太  晚
péng you bù néng liú dé tài wǎn
明   天   要  上    班
míng tiān yào shàng bān
唱    K 的 伴    一 起 去 旅 行   的 伴
chàng K de bàn   yì qǐ qù lǚ xíng de bàn
听   懂   我 的 笑   话  的 伴
tīng dǒng wǒ de xiào hua de bàn
我 的 生    活    只  差  那 个 人  就  美  满
wǒ de shēng huó   zhǐ chà nà gè rén jiù méi mǎn
快   乐 剩    一 人  分  享      快   乐 就  只  剩    一 半
kuài lè shèng yì rén fēn xiǎng   kuài lè jiù zhǐ shèng yí bàn
喝 一 碗  汤
hē yì wǎn tāng
心  怎  么 都  不 够  暖
xīn zěn me dōu bú gòu nuǎn
这  张    被  单    这  张    睡   床 
zhè zhāng bèi dān   zhè zhāng shuì chuáng
再  舒  服 都  觉  得 太  宽
zài shū fu dōu jué dé tài kuān

没  人  分  享      幸   福 就  只  剩    一 半
méi rén fēn xiǎng   xìng fú jiù zhǐ shèng yí bàn
就  算   把 日 子 都  填   满
jiù suàn bǎ rì zi dōu tián mǎn
节  日 却  提 醒   我 孤 单
jié rì què tí xǐng wǒ gū dān

没  有  想    法   有  想    法 又  能   怎  样
méi yǒu xiáng fǎ   yǒu xiáng fǎ yòu néng zěn yàng
只  能   写  部 落  格 整    晚
zhǐ néng xiě bù luò gé zhěng wǎn
几 个 留  言  安 慰  不 了     心  里 的 遗 憾
jǐ gè liú yán ān wèi bù liǎo   xīn lǐ de yí hàn
没  有  负 担    原   来  也 是  种    负 担
méi yǒu fù dān   yuán lái yě shì zhǒng fù dān
自 由  多  得 让   人  心  慌
zì yóu duō dé ràng rén xīn huāng
你 羡   慕 我   那 要  不 要  跟  我 交   换
nǐ xiàn mù wǒ   nà yào bu yào gēn wǒ jiāo huàn

快   乐 剩    一 人  分  享      快   乐 就  只  剩    一 半
kuài lè shèng yì rén fēn xiǎng   kuài lè jiù zhǐ shèng yí bàn
喝 一 碗  汤
hē yì wǎn tāng
心  怎  么 都  不 够  暖
xīn zěn me dōu bú gòu nuǎn
这  张    被  单    这  张    睡   床 
zhè zhāng bèi dān   zhè zhāng shuì chuáng
再  舒  服 都  觉  得 太  宽
zài shū fu dōu jué dé tài kuān

没  人  分  享      幸   福 就  只  剩    一 半
méi rén fēn xiǎng   xìng fú jiù zhǐ shèng yí bàn
努 力 把 日 子 填   满
nǔ lì bǎ rì zi tián mǎn
别  来  提 醒     我 多  孤 单
bié lái tí xǐng   wǒ duō gū dān

快   乐 剩    一 人  分  享      快   乐 就  只  剩    一 半
kuài lè shèng yì rén fēn xiǎng   kuài lè jiù zhǐ shèng yí bàn
喝 一 碗  汤
hē yì wǎn tāng
心  怎  么 都  不 够  暖
xīn zěn me dōu bú gòu nuǎn
这  张    被  单    这  张    睡   床 
zhè zhāng bèi dān   zhè zhāng shuì chuáng
再  舒  服 都  觉  得 太  宽
zài shū fu dōu jué dé tài kuān
没  人  分  享      幸   福 就  只  剩    一 半
méi rén fēn xiǎng   xìng fú jiù zhǐ shèng yí bàn
就  算   把 日 子 都  填   满
jiù suàn bǎ rì zi dōu tián mǎn
没  人  知  道  我 多  孤 单
méi rén zhī dào wǒ duō gū dān







Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Guess what?!

Oh well, I have been away from my computer for almost half day today. The weather outside was just so HOT!!! It's really headache-ing. I started to think whether it's lucky or unlucky that I met one of my old old classmate.
First thing I did after I got home was to go online fb-ing. Here comes the main point. I saw someone tagged me. It's from a friend, an old old classmate. The funny is that, he doubts whether he accidentally met me moment ago was a lucky or unlucky thing. 

I have had a small chat with him. He said I look girly. A big gap from what he expected and saw last time. He said last time I was like "no smile de face". Moment ago, when I met him, I greeted him and of course a smile. Was that really counted as girly?! Ohh...unbelievable!!!

The last time I met some other person, they said I'm cute but is it not adorable?! I don't know. I also have people describing me as strict and fierce and so on and so forth. Hahaha...this time girly is used as an adjective to describe me.

These really show that a person does change from time to time~

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Bii!!! OMG, He's a nice singer which I'm currently addicted to.

I discover his existence through a Taiwan drama named “钟无艳”。I like the drama so as the songs perfectly. It was just so beautiful and relax.

He is a new chinese mixed korean singer. DBSK is his idol. Hey, check it out man!!!

Here is my favourite songs of his, 到不了的幸福 & 转身之后。








What's a beauty to you in a house?  I would say a beauty in a house would be no other than the house filled with family members.

Can you imagine the warmth in the house that it gives you? When everyone sit down together, breathing the same air at the same is just so perfect.

Now, this is so called the perfect phenomena in a house. There would be no fighting, no quarrelling. Everyone sit down together, nicely chattering around, sharing each other views and experience to fill up the end of the day. I doubt if anyone can did that EVERYDAY?!

We live in a busy, competitive and stress world. Dealings with new challenge is what everyone do now. It is just so hard to let go of our stress. You have your own problems while I have my own doubt. These are killings our love to the family.

Monday, January 24, 2011


想着想着,有啦!不如,就写一些心里瞬间想到的事嘛。于是,出现啦,我的部落格-  婉明新天地。