Thursday, March 31, 2011

*April Fool*

Here comes the April Fool;
And my time is full;
I'm gonna stay in school;
Please don't play me fool.

This is what I'm gonna tell the world before the actual fool's day comes. Honestly, tomorrow I'm gonna stuck in school for the entire day since morning 9am till night time 10pm~ Unbelievable haa?! Believe it, please believe it!!! It's not a joke. I have to get ready in my college at 9.30am for group study and for education trip at 1pm. Then, my boring nightmare law class at 6pm. Huh...I don't like this kind of life~

Anyway, please be remembered don't get fool tomorrow~ =_*

Haaappyyyy~~ :D

To a little new born nephew!!! 
It's a happy Thursday, worth a celebration. *Weee...*

Guess I'll not be the only one celebrating this happy Thursday today, especially the elders in my family hahahaa!!! Wow, it's really worth waiting for such a long period for a little baby to come to us. OMG, am I over excited?! Hehe...doubt what will the others feel?!?! I know my mom is very happy. Now, I shall see how my dad will react to this good news then, and my overseas aunt~
Anyway, though I'm going to be upgraded starting from today, but I'm still very happy. Glad that he come to our family. I shall pamper him very, very much. *Muacks*  >.<

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Last March'11 Sunday~

Just came back from a friends gathering~ Not bad though, having a nice chat and sharing session once in a while. I missed my friends a lot. They always have some funny experience or jokes to share with.

I was awakened early this morning for some "chinese cemetery" thingy~ I'm quite reluctant and lazy now. Nevertheless, I'm very willing to gather around with my friends. I enjoy being together with my friends. They are my secondary's classmates. It's such a good news to know that we could still maintain these nice relationship after graduated from school. In fact, we are going east and west now!!!

Every sweet moment ends faster, so back to normal life again~ Hmm..., guess I need to spend more time on my studies again. I've been away from books for almost 1 week already...... That was terrible!!! I felt so bad for that~

Nonetheless, I'm so reluctant to study with my VIP around. I don't like people look at me when I'm studying. I don't even like people see me study!!! Hohoho!!! Bad habit I've had...What to do?!

Nevermind, I'll still do my revision. For my own good of course~ Hide some where to study, that's it! Guess that wouldn't help much...but, at least I've tried~

Huh...cheer up!!! No class again tomorrow~ I can wonder the long long replacement schedule that I'll be getting coming Wednesday morning...*SIGH*

Friday, March 25, 2011


Now, I really felt the justice!!! Today, I finally found out that Facebook does give me some benefit though. Well, at least it helps me to make my complain......woohooo~ I'm damn happy I finally manage to boom the management. They had given me a nice respond. I'm quite satisfied with it hahaha~ Victory on my side 1-0 ^^

However, I don't like them to go boom my friends for not informing me. What I mean was the past few times!!! Not this Wednesday and next Monday's cancellation~ Damn stupid people...just enjoy blaming people when got boom is it?! Oh well, that's human nature...boom again I'll boom you too!!! Don't ever try to bully my friends~I treasure my friendship a lot, a lot x1,000,000,000,000...

Justice always with the right person, only if, one grab it correctly :D 

檢察官公主- LOST-朴施厚.박시후.Park Si Hoo-MV

This is what I've been watching lately. It'll be a nice drama I suppose~ The main actress is very ermm...I also don't know how to say! But, I guess this shouldn't be happening in the real world. Please watch if you are interested ^^
Hmm..., curious with the secret behind now though I've not finish watching it!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Day......

From today onwards, I’m going to have a miserable life…… I’m having cancellation of classes for this whole week. Now, I’ve heard from my friend AGAIN about the cancellation for Monday’s class too.  Erhhmm…, I’m so unhappy about that though because…I want my notes back!!!

Okay, that was not the main point here. But I’m still so interested to continue about that topic~ Yesterday, I’ve made a big step ahead. I posted on my college’s discussion topic about my dissatisfaction on their services provided to me so far which is true in fact…let see what they answered me~

Oh well, the person in charge said that they’ll normally inform every student!!! SEEEE……!!! I already said they are discriminating me~ Still dare to tell me he/she’ll respond to the management…cheat small kid arrgh?! I’m not that stupid lo… :P I replied and said if no improvement next time, you’ll wait and see nia~

Now, let us get back to the main topic here. I’ve a VIP in the house. Ohh, damn annoying!!! Talking non-stop, very loud too!!! I’ve to control every speech of mine, so as my attitude. Actually, not all the time though. I’m trying to show the real me nowadays. I said what I think is correct, I did what I think I wanted to~

Today, I’m asked to accompany my sister here and there. I was damn tired and sleepy. What to do?! I’ve no choice but to accompany her, just for her own good, so as to me though. At least, I wouldn’t feel guilty if anything goes wrong.

As a result for the busy day, I missed my entertainment but I gain some time to study my tax and law. Oh my god, I found myself having nothing about law in mind anymore. One week just passed man…how could I???

New aim for the week – learn my law. Well, at least stuck something useful into my empty mind lolx =.=|||

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Everyone have their own emotional session. Everyday, we put on an expression. Maybe sometimes more than one. How do we know what to put on everyday?! Well, when we are happy we put on a happy emoticon; When we are sad, we put on the sad look. How about when we are moody? Of course, we put on the moody expression~ Nevertheless, does everyone know what kind of expression you put on now?

I bet not all of the people surrounding you would know!!! Human sometimes lack of the caring mode. They could hardly realise what you feel at that moment. Everyone can see happiness; so do sadness. But, could everyone see the actual happiness and sadness that one is expressing??? 

People might look what they look, but people might hide what they look. Now, what did that mean?! Sometimes, one might not express the real self to you. They might choose to express the fake emotion to you. That's why we have to be more alert with the people around us. We ought to show our care to them and try to understand them.

Human are born with feelings. The warmness of the heart would tell us what we see and we feel. Thus, be more sensitive to one's feeling. It helps to close the gap between each other. Knowing one better, help you too!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ohhh gosh!!!

Ohhh gosh!!! That was way too close man...I saw a snake at my backyard moment ago~ At first, I thought it was the stick or what because it's just so alike. When I look more carefully, I realised it's a SNAKE~~~ Luckily, I didn't step out of the door yet!!! Real lucky......

I think I'm gonna have a nightmare again. I never sleep well after meeting all these weird, scary things~ Sighhh...... =.= Hate it!!!

That's why I dislike my backyard very, very much!!! I've tried very hard not to go there all these while, except for today - for some reason of course~ Regret to go there though......Should have stick to my old rule, no backyard!!!

No more next time now!!! Another bad free day, huhhhh~~~ @_@

BIG BANG - Lies | The Big Bang Show | Comeback Special

Nothing much...I just enjoy their dance and the music at the same time~ Bravo!!!


fElt soOO LoST~

Getting bored sitting at home, doing the same old thing~ I'm the kind of person who needs excitement in life. Boring life just don't suit me...

I tried to search around youtube  for some new stuff, but I don't know what I wanted to search for though. I looked for Dream High, I searched BigBang etc. What else should I look for??? I also don't know~

I have been very lost lately, I guess...I asked myself "What did I want actually?", but the answer turned up to be "I don't know either.". How sad was that, especially when one don't know what they actually wanted?! I'm so lost, very very lost!!! Someone come save me please...!!!

I was thinking maybe I'll just have some rest and nap...I suppose I'm just too moody lately~ Either I'm frustrated upon something or I'm just being lazy!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011


After a long, tiring weekend, I've been very lazy in doing anything. Though today I've not been to class, but I'm reluctant to update my blog...BAD MOOD I guess~~~

I've been thinking again and again and again the same question to myself today - "Should I or Shouldn't I complain to the management for discrimination that they have made to me?" I'm quite dissatisfied with their service though. They have never informed me on any cancellation of class up to today. I'm so frustrated with these habit!!! How come I'm always being forgotten here???

I thought consumer paid for their service, so they should deserve the best service. What kind of service did I received?! Bad service......

Friday, March 18, 2011


Have been addicted to my blog lately, doing what?! Doing nothing, but listening to my newly added song named “Don’t leave”. Well, it’s my favourite song at the mean time~

I can actually repeat the song for almost ten times a day. You think I’m crazy?! I’ll tell you, I’m not!!! Everyone have their own interest; everyone have their own favourite; and I’m just one of these people. At least, I find mine. How about you???

Last post for today before I go to my weekend classes again~ It’s gonna be a long, long weekends…… Huhh…, weekends without my favourite music. So sad!!!

P.s. Actually I purposely post this because while writing I could spend some time listening to my music for a little while… :D


应该说,是我自己走运了吧!竟然勤劳地做起Assignment 来。要不然,昨天考试肯定吃鸡蛋了~



Thursday, March 17, 2011

The moderate speed of life!!!

When you'll actually find yourself at the most moderate speed in life??? It's when I'm in the situation of a lawful lesson~  I'm so in a mess when it comes to law...and that reminds me of history...I've tried my best to memorise or rather understand it at the end~ Somehow, I'm leave with frustration. I live in a desperate life because of LAW!!! I'm used with common sense life, but law, SOOOORRYYYY...........

Memorising business is a never in my life, since primary I think?! I remembered that my teacher always don't allowed me to memorise an essay, when in fact, all the others are memorising it. You know what the teacher told me??? She told me:"You know how to write your own essay. Please don't memorise what I have told the others to. You are allowed to write on your own. So, I want you to try to produce me a good piece of essay from the time set as others."  

During those days, I've not been memorising anything. Instead, I'm very happy to be able to write spontaneously as I like. That's why I'm grown up to be good in my essay. I never face any problems in writing essay. Thus, I never like what others said:"Chinese school student only know how to memorise." It's so not fair to me......

Now, I would really shout out loud that "I'm willing to die for law!!!"  Guess you must be thinking why on earth I would die for law?!?! 

Well, dying for law is because I know myself thoroughly. I wouldn't be able to survive in the law forever or eternally... If I die because of law, I'm fully satisfied. No regret at all!

Yeah, weirdo I am! People willing to die for the loves one but I'm willing to die for the most hate ones too~ I.e. LAW!!! It serves no regret, really. You see, I know it's not good to stay awake till late at night. Nevertheless, what did I do last night? Just because of the law exam, I've stayed awake till 2 o'clock in the morning. Yet, I'm awake again at 6 o'clock~ That was so, so, so killing action to my health  =.=||| You see how willing am I to die for law now???

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

¸. • * ¨ `☆生活本不简单,世界本不十全十美• * ¨` ☆






Tuesday, March 15, 2011

• * ¨`♥ 熬夜的年轻朋友们. • * ¨ `






Monday, March 14, 2011


If the world were to come to an end by 17th April, 2011, then there will be no more examination to sit for. When there is no more examination to sit for, that means no more memorising business to do. If there is no more memorising business, it simply means that no more human in the world!!!

If the world were to come to an end slowly in a petty pace, then we are going to witness more death in the coming future. When there is death occurs, there would be human lossing their loves one or lossing their home, their shelter. If human were to suffer in such a way, it is better to end it faster!!!

If the world is going to be a mess in the near future, what will happen to the next generation? Are they going to live in these terrifying world till the end of their life? Would they be able to live peacefully than us before? How many times are they going to suffer from losses and get horrified either day or night?

If it's a way of punishment to the evil, then please let go of the innocent ones...... If it's a test to human, then please don't give human such a difficult task...... Human can live no more in these tears dropping environment nor the fear that they are experiencing~

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A hEcTIc dREaM; a BAD NitE sLeEP!!!

I wanted to start my day with Law, but somehow I was so reluctant to do that after a repetition of same Law dreams last night.

In the dream, I kept recalling the past assignment that I had done. It serves as a good revision though. Nevertheless, I found myself very hectic with it. I can’t even have a good night sleep. Not even a nap!!! That was the most horrible experience I’m having here, after all these while.

I used to have dreams on my revision in the past, especially when I'm trying very hard to remind myself of the topics I've studied. However, it only happened because I was so into it and next day is actually a real exam day. 

Yesterday, I was just roughly looked through the book on Agency Law. I don’t even have the intention to memorise it. Yet, I have been dreaming non-stop of the Law. Bits and pieces of the Law are killing. Most importantly, it wasn't related to what I've studied before I went to bed! It seems to be so real to me!!! I can feel the pressure when I'm recalling the sections in my dream~

The moment I close my eyes, I see sections. I dreamed of “offer”, “acceptance” and “consideration”…… In the dream, I kept recalling the Law. In fact, I actually force myself very hard to recall the sections of the topic I dreamed of too. What a nightmare…?!?! I really can’t sleep~ @o@ I can’t stand that!!!

I think I’m gonna go crazy within the next few days~

Thursday, March 10, 2011


今年的三八妇女节不单单只是全世界的妇女节哦!今年的三月八号,正是休息多年的女歌手——孙燕姿出全新专辑的一天。她休息多年后,会有什么样的进展和突现呢?我真的很期待。于是,便上了Youtube   搜寻。结果,有啦!




愛 是愚人的國度
看我們演的好辛苦 是你所謂的領悟
我不懂 我不哭
看悲歡喜怒每一步 是疲憊還是依賴的束縛
讓我懂 讓我哭
再讓時間停住 把自己看清楚
不必再說假如 我 唱過 一地荒蕪
幸福 不能碰觸
愛 是愚人的國度
不能自拔 不懂退出
曾美麗 但還是不滿足
愛是自娛 愚人演出
答案清楚 才能謝幕
究竟 是笑 是哭
愛 是愚人的國度
看我們演的好辛苦 是你所謂的領悟
我不懂 我不哭
看悲歡喜怒每一步 是疲憊還是依賴的束縛
讓我懂 讓我哭
再讓時間停住 把自己看清楚
不必再說假如 我 唱過 一地荒蕪
幸福 不能碰觸
愛 是愚人的國度
不能自拔 不懂退出
曾美麗 但還是不滿足
愛是自娛 愚人演出
答案清楚 才能謝幕
究竟 是笑 是哭
怎麼愛 還是不滿足
愛是自娛 愚人演出
答案清楚 才能謝幕
結局 是笑 是哭



Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Random• * ¨` ☆¸. • * ¨ `



嗨,不过,也不一定啦!刚刚也说了,先到先得嘛,就看谁先啰!其实,人如果不要那么介意的话,就算当十次的姐妹都行。倘若,有一天真的已经超标了,我或许还会考虑当别人的姐妹的。P . s. 只要不是敌人就好了,嘻嘻 ~


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

• * ¨` 遗失的♥¸. • * ¨ `

突然,想念起我几个月前一直挂在我手机的那幸运七号四叶草吊饰。好喜欢那吊饰哦! 可惜,我却把它给弄丢了……再也找不回来了 :`(


四叶草弄丢就算了。最糟糕的是连那陪伴我多年的七字吊饰也坏了。是恶运的开始吗?我每一次考试都有七字吊饰陪伴左右的。 难道,这次要破例吗?! 我有点担心呢!很不喜欢那种毫无信心地进入考场的感觉。尤其,没有我认定的幸运物陪同。




Monday, March 7, 2011

分手那天 (The Day We Left Each Other)

I have learnt a lesson these days. That is to appreciate what is beside you now! Though I know this theory long ago, I just keep ignoring it. One shall not be able to know what is waiting for us in the future, but one shall be able to create a memorable day as we move on. Live a meaningful and memorable life!

A song dedicated by my friend to a friend of mine who had just lost a good old friend recently. When I heard of the lyrics, it just reminded me of memories. When you experience a lost, you will keep recalling all the past memories. That’s human feeling, I guess~ Hope my friend will be strong enough to get through all this sad moment and be tough thereafter.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

~♥ Hoping a 48-hour day ♥~

I would like to slow down my footsteps. However, it’s just so impossible. Everything just keep coming non-stop day by day…… Huh, incoming!!!

How I wish to have a 48-hour day, instead of 24-hour day. Then, I shall be able to fully utilize my day better. Maybe a limit of 24 hours’ study time, 6 hours of relax/refreshing time, 6 hours of playing/chatting time, 4 hours of exercise & 8 hours of sleeping time.

Wow, I really used up a lot of time! A 48-hour day is just so limited for me either. Talking about exercise, how long did I actually not exercise??? Oops…I am not sure too~ LOL ^o^

Anyway, I would still prefer a 48-hour day, if it really does exist. I always have the feeling of running out of time. Don’t know why! It could be the tiring schedule, and the unlimited pressure from either subject lecturer or CEO.

“When one did a bad example, the other suffers.” This phrase does apply in my situation now. I do not really think XX is not being bias here. In fact, it is too obvious, in my opinion! When you are having non-stop complaining and criticism from XX, it is just so de-motivating. What you felt of is anger!!! Thus, do you bother to even slow down your speed?!

Undesirable result is not expected from us anymore. Once fail, you are given a second chance. When second chance is undesirable, you are barred.

Every lesson comes with an assignment. It is a must to pass up. Otherwise, you will be “happy” to receive call from CEO.

Huuuhhh……I have never stayed up late so often, ever since I left secondary school. When people aged, it is a hard thing to sleep late and wake up early. You’ll get headache and all sorts of problems. What to say to sleep for 3- 4 hours per day only. That is the torturing part here~

Friday, March 4, 2011








Wednesday, March 2, 2011


有没有想过,当我们正在快快乐乐的玩乐时,有人正跟生命搏斗呢?! 有没有想过,当我们正在好好地过生活时,有人正拼命的生存呢?! 有没有想过,当我们的生活一切照常时,有人正努力的争取自己的未来呢?!

今天,听见了一位朋友的朋友无故病倒了。找不着真正的原因,让大家更难以言语。如今,正躺在病床上;抢救、抢救、再抢救!!! 医生不断的抢救;家人不断的守候;爱人不断的呼唤;朋友不断地祈求、祷告;旁人不断地替大家加油……



Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Bad headache out of sudden! I have been recopying all my assignment for not having an introduction to all the questions. The phrase "This question tests the candidates..." really make my day~ LOL >.< My hand is going to broke because of it argh!!!! 

Guess I have been sacrificing my nights for doing useless things...It's just so damn innocence to redo all the things after all the effort you've put in~   =_=|||

After I finish all these stupid thing, I need to continue on with my tomorrow subject's homework. DIE!!! Tonight, I'm going to stay awake late again. How sad was that?! Later, after everything is settled, I still need to study for my F6 Taxation's Progress Test.

Haaaiiii......!!!! *A big big sigh from me*  At least, that's what I feel like doing now!


"Time is money." That's the word I have been listening on and on and on all these time!!! Money is valuable, so as time.

We use money to buy clothes. We use money to buy food. We also use money to buy fun and entertainment. Nevertheless, money cannot buy everything. Most importantly, money cannot buy TIME~ That's why money is said to be precious to us all.

Without time, we cannot have money. Without time, we can do nothing. Without time, we have no life. Without time, we are just nothing!!! Time is the element that gives us everything, anything in this world. It is just the matter of time for us to own it or to lost it.

What I know is, we have to run faster than time. If we don't act faster than time, then we are going to lost more things. Well, don't you think time in life is just like time in exam??? In exam, we have to finish on time. If we didn't manage to do that, then we are going to fail the exam. That's how time apply to our life as well.

People don't waste time. Time can be long, but time can also be short. Time is unpredictable element, and it is limited......