Monday, May 23, 2011


Oh gosh! I've just noticed that I haven't updated my blog for almost a week.

Hmm...nothing much to say beside my messy college's management. Ohh~ They are messy now. Well, at least that's what I feel and see!!!

Lecturers are the main key element that attract the students to study. They are like the motivator. Once they all start gone,  I don't think there is any motivator there again.  Personally, I'm losing my trust on them already. I see no talented lecturers at the moment from my place itself. 

Even there is, would they get used to it?! They are still new to the subject. Some lecturer are not suitable with these packed working life the management is giving. It's the workload that they are facing, giving them pressure. Not to say them, even us as a student also can feel the stress that they are having. Rumours heard every where. Students, seniors, lecturers etc. They are all giving hints here and there~

I believe everyone know what is going on now. Just waiting for the time to come!!! So do I~ What can I do?! I can do nothing but to wait......

If I have a choice, I'll fly over else where to continue. Unfortunately, I don't have the choice. The only choice I have now is to slow down my speed once again. Crow in a petty pace towards the end......~

Maybe study and working at the same time is just what my destiny main to be. So, I'll have another sem of block classes which would be tiring for sure!!! The most important thing is, I can't even predict what my next sem's life would be. After these, guess all would be one step at a time...

We'll see how it goes by then. Hopefully, there is some changes that I'm expecting it to happen is in my favour. Huh...weeks to go to know!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011



打击能激起努力的心态;转变能让自己变成熟。可是,这是别人常说的话,不能当饭吃啦……!!! 太多的打击会让我更压力、气馁;转变则让我看得更清、更明!我欣赏转变让我看得更彻底,但是我讨厌随着彻底而来的残酷。


在现阶段,我感觉到了人生的坎坷与残酷。但是,我又在想:“如果没有办法面对目前的煎熬,那哪儿来的勇气继续往前跑?!” 生命中的障碍是要克服的,而不是听天由命。

路,是人走出来的。在每个交叉路口,终必须做出一个抉择。既然,我选择了这条坎坷的路来走,那我就必须好好地,咬紧牙关走完它!身边的朋友便是最好的例子~ 他们不也熬过来了嘛! 


现在,几乎每一个周末都花在读书、上课里。我真的觉得很不适应!感觉自己好似失去了人生般……没有人生, 只有书。每天,除了书还是书~ 那种只有书的生活,我厌倦了!还回我的生活来……书堆里的日子真的很难受 =.= 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

想睡觉 =_=


近来,是真的变得很忙了!连想好好的写一下部落格都要特地等到想睡觉的情况下,才能写一篇。好希望这一切快一点结束~  受不了了……加上,最近天气炎热! 快烧坏脑了啦……~

不知不觉,时间已跑到五月份的第二个星期了。过不久,就是我表哥的婚礼。 那也是能让我好好跟亲戚朋友们见上一面的机会。总觉得,自己太忙了。好久,都没有去外婆家了~  别怪我勒!课程真的排得太慢了。几乎每个周末都有课……我也受不了了!上课时上课;放学后做功课;再不然,就复习准备考试。可想而知,是没有一天能好好休息啊!

我认为目前为止,最好的形容词就是“累”……再多的咖啡也没用呗! 试一试, 每天晚上都赶功课到凌晨3.30, 早上最迟也是7.30就要起床了, 肯定会发疯的!!! 谁受得了啦?! 这样的情况还要继续到五月结束呢! 那时候, 虽然还是要忙着复习, 但至少不用起上学, 更不用赶功课......~ 

嗨, 期待那时的轻松快点到来! 忍不住了......期待, 期待, 期待......~

Monday, May 9, 2011


Hot, hot, hot.......!!!!

What is wrong with the weather here??? It's so hot these days. I can't even get a good night sleep lately. I've been rushing for my assignments until late at 1.30am. Sometimes, I also sleep at 3.30am just for the sake of a cooler air. 

OMG, I really need a nice, cool weather to study man. Can't stand the heat that I'm having around. I'm sweating badly. Not even a moment I can get away from the fan~ Blowing at high speed also serve no purpose at all!

Dear Sun, please lower down your heat on the Earth! I need some cool feeling now. Your heat is not only warming up the entire atmosphere, but it also hurting our skin. It was damn so painful when the sunlight falls on my hand today.

Cooler weather please...just for a few more days. Well, at least let me to finish my revision for mocks and my assignments peacefully~

Monday, May 2, 2011

Update needed ^^

Hmm...I think it's about time for some update here~ What shall I talk about today??? Ahhaa......

Lately, I've been very busy with my studies. I found myself having no time for music either. Nevertheless, this week longest weekend's block ever had enabled me to get a chance for some radio session.

Guess what?! I'm now loaded with most of the new songs or albums. Pheww~ Nice feeling I'm having here. It does make me feel a lot more relief, especially after these long hours classes ever in my life. Can you imagine the feeling for seeing the lecturer either from day till evening or afternoon till night?! Guess that won't happen to most of you, unless you are in the same college as me now.

That was a torturing life I'm having these days. Bad news is, I heard that more similar situations will come in the near future as people are resigning. Thus, student are suffering badly now. What a bad service!!! Booo......

Okay, back to my actual topic. No more studies discussion for today~ First of all, I would like to share with everyone this nice song named "金鱼的眼泪" by 纪佳松 in his 2nd new album by the name of "鱼人". Well, the reason I like this song is not because his "sifu" is Wilbur Pan but it's due to his style and his way of singing gives me the feel of Wilbur Pan. Overall, he is performing well. The song not bad to listen. At least, it's worth a listen ^^

Next, I would like to introduce another new album from Amei-张惠妹. Her latest new album by the name of 你再看我吗?produced a nice song which I like from the first time I heard of it, "都什么时候了". I've read some recent news of her new song's mv where people give some funny comment about her mv which I think is so ...... Okay, no more crap here. Lets listen to one of my favourite's new song.

Following that, I would like to share with all of you my another favourite singer or rather band for this — "飞儿乐团". Finally, they had released a new album after so long I've been waited. It was way too good to listen to their new production again!!! They always have this kind of special way of singing or producing a nice music which I enjoy the most. I like their style badly since secondary life till today. I've never change my mind for being crazy for their songs. I just like their style~ Here's one of their new song "让爱重生" from their new album named "亚特兰提斯".


Finally, I would like to introduce another old singer—黄义达. He's having some nice song here too. It's been so long I haven't heard of his song. Real long man...... Today, I accidentally clicked on his song named "微光". It's quite a nice song but makes me a bit mess up with FIR's new album which is also having a similar name in it.Here, lets enjoy the song.


That's all I'm gonna share for today :) Hope you guys enjoy~