Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I thought I've totally let go of my last examination, but not until last night. I slept quite early as it's about to rain. I went to bed as usual, without stress or any further thoughts.

Just when I slept till the middle of the night, I started to dream. I'm aware that I'm dreaming. However, the dream looks very real. It was about my examination, my result I shall say. All the characters in there were very real. They have had their own pose, their own role and their very own style of speaking.

I dream myself getting my last examination result, and unfortunately I failed two out of three of the subject I had tested on. I don't dare to tell anyone else and so I just keep to myself. Later, someone asked me about it. I didn't answered straight away. Instead, I thought about the next lecturer time that is available in my college and also the possible time table for the next examination.

I can tell that I was so clear about what I'm dreaming about then. It was too real that I could hardly force myself to not believe in it. I find myself very uneasy to awake from the dream. I could feel the pain I'm having the moment I knew I failed my examination. I was trying to figure out the best solution to solve my problem. I thought about the lecturer, my new schedule, my examination time table, my parents opinion and even outsiders point of view. I really felt so bad about it!!!

After I woke up, I still have the feeling as if I really just got my result. I suddenly have the thought of I did fail my examination......and all those I dreamed of was in fact a truth!!!

It was too real to be true!!! Now, I started to worry~

Monday, June 27, 2011

Mount Singai (Part 2)

After a small rest at the church there, we continued our journey towards the peak of Mt. Singai. Well, they walked really fast. Now, I regret for choosing to follow them towards the peak.

Along the way, there were lots of roots from the tree. It eventually helped me to walk better. As you know, hiking is not an easy thing to do, especially when there were a lot of climbing that you'll need to do. Some of the place, we even have to use ropes to get ourselves up to the peak.

These were a nice experience for me. I never have had these kind of experience before. Though I'm not so energetic enough to finish the distance to the peak, I'm still satisfied for joining the hiking. At least, I've tried the hardship and got my experience.

They really walked too fast. I can't cope with their speed. They rest once, I need twice. I could hardly breath properly......With all those bumpy and rocky route, I end up discard my decision at the beginning. I decided to stop at about one third of the mountain. Maybe next time I can improve myself by climbing to two third of the mountain and finally the peak of the mountain~

I doubt if I still have any spare time going to Mt. Singai again in the coming time?!

At first, I thought of waiting for them to come down. But then, I decided to try my way down the mountain. I walked and walked and walked. Ohh...quite easy to get down anyway!!! I really should have climb higher at first.

Well, I told myself "Never mind. There's always next time. I shouldn't have push myself so hard for the first time. After all, I haven't been doing any exercise all these year." So, I walk all the way down. At the same time, I enjoy the environment and the fresh air there. There were some birds chirping too. I could even feel the wind blowing softly and the leaf moving gently as being blew by the wind.

Honestly, I almost got lost some where at the fork road as I was too focus on climbing the mountain and follow up the team at first. Luckily, I figure out the road. Finally, I reached the church again. I waited for them there and took some nice photo. Some of them also gave up at about two third to the peak and they also got lost some where. Huh..luckily every one was alright!!!

All I could say now is, it took hours to reach the peak, but less than an hour to reach the car park. They even have some fresh coconut drinks before reaching the car park.

Mount Singai (Part 1)

After a long rest, I really felt myself so crazy enough to go for hiking. Yesterday, I'm having the most terrible and exhausted day I have ever had.

One of my cousin had actually invited me for hiking at Mt. Singai. It sounded interesting though. But, after yesterday's experience, I really doubt about that. It was a good experience, especially to those who enjoy adventure. Well, I'm the kind who is more suitable to shopping alike activity. This type really just so not me, though I like it.

Early in the morning, we went to have breakfast and at the same time meet up with my cousin's friends. Unfortunately, mostly are from my old secondary school seniors. Unbelievable haa......I also don't believe that either. Out of ten, there were five. One of them were my ex-classmate's sister. That was really too extreme. Another one, huh...my ex-teacher's daughter. Wow, seriously LOL!!! I was so shock as they know me. They said I look familiar. I thought I always so low profile during secondary session hmm...?!

Hahaas...anyway, we then continue our motive of the day after they finished their breakfast. Here's what we were going through at the beginning - staircases. Hell yeah!!! There were uncountable staircases before you can reach the church. How many station was that to reach?! I also miscount~ All I knew was I'm so tired already by the time I reach station No.11. On the way, I've stop for a few times. Lousy...yeah, I admit that!!!

Whenever I compared myself to those who carried cement and bricks, I really thought that I was way to lousy. I really wanted to cover my face up for that~ How lousy am I?! I guess no other words to describe me anymore......I can't even compete with those old fellow there. They were so energetic enough to walk all the way up to the church. Some of them walk even faster than me. How shame am I!!!

On the way up, we took some nice view along the side. I saw some weird shape forming from the tree. It was a shape of a dinosaur's head. How funny was that to see such a thing now?! Maybe I'm just to excited about the nature but not hiking, that's why~

By the time I reached the church, I started to doubt if I can continue my journey to the top of the mountain...... I really thought about it seriously! Finally, I'm motivated to continue. I was bath in sweat by then.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

• * ¨`♥Day out with my friends♥¸. • * ¨ `

It was such a contented day yesterday. I've been to McD with my college friends. Though it was a last minute planning, we all enjoyed ourselves very well~

I've dropped by one of my college friend's sister-in-law office to accompany her a walk to riverside bus stop. Although it was a sunny day, we don't actually mind about it. All we know was to have fun!!! We did have fun. In fact, very crazily I should say......

We planned for bowling and a movie. Hence, we walked into McD first for a breakfast. Oh my..., i drank a cup of iced Milo for RM4.10 there. Unbelievable haa?! I didn't thought much about it that time. All I know was to have an iced drink to cold myself down after walking under the hot sun. Then, we have a chit-chat and some photo taking session. Someone was not being cooperative enough as he is not willing to take a nice photo with all of us.

Next, we walked all our way back to Parkson. We walked straight to LFS expecting for some nice movie we could have catch up with. Well, we planned to watch Super 8...and there is some available time we have had. We didn't bought any ticket, but instead we walked up to play bowling. Again, only two out of four of us were playing that. It was such a long time I haven't played bowling. 3 years?! Yeah, 3 years...too long!!! I really need to thanks my friends for asking me out. I was hoping to play bowling all this while, though I'm not good at it. I can be very sure after two game I played yesterday.

Finally, we changed our plan for K-Box instead. We really sing very crazily!!! Almost every song we picked, we sang~ That was really unsound mind!!! We sang while the workers passed by keep peeping into our room. Don't know why but WHO CARES?!?! We paid for the service, so we sang to the max!!! Yahoo...that was really cool man~

Really hope that we could go out more often to enjoy...I think I have never played till like this before. We actually played with the soft toys at Spring after the K-session too. So much fun we have had!!! The cute toys...omg!!! I so like it ♥~

Look forward for the next outing... ^_^

Monday, June 20, 2011

plAnNinG - deCisiON maKiNg - pRoCeeD

Yeah...life is all about planning - decision making - proceed. I believe these are the process that couldn't be missed out day to day, month to month, or even year to year......

Human live in a world of planning, deciding and proceeding some plan, project and life as well. There is always some time, some place, some situation where all these planning, deciding and proceeding things come into existence. Life is full of choices!!!

What did you choose for yourself?! Well, everyone gotta choose something at least. I wouldn't believe one did not actually make any choices in life, never ever is impossible here~ At the age of mine now, I've made hundreds of choices......

Everyone got their chance to plan and decide. It's just doesn't matter whether it's right or wrong. Most importantly, you got what you want the most. You know what would be the best for your future or at the point of time when you are making your plan and decision.

I shall say, no regret for what you've made in life. It's part of the process in life. So, why not work it out and enjoy it?! The road not taken might not be the best in life. All you gotta do is just believe in your instinct, stick to your first choice. When you faces trouble, work that out!

Oh, come on!!! Life wouldn't be full of happiness always. Life is make up of different flavour. That's what we called the "Flavour of Life". When you are happy, your life's sweet. If you are depressed, your life's bitter.

Everything has it own value, and the value would always be different, so do life. It couldn't be perfect all the time!!! All we gotta do is to believe on our choices, be loyal to it. What's the point for blaming ourselves with all the trouble we faced on the route we had chosen?! There's no use, buddy~ Not at all......

It's hard to decide because it's harder to plan either...so how on earth would one be able to proceed?! I don't know...all I know is we do what we suppose to do. That's it!!! What's waiting for us in the future should be an expectation but not something to be bothered with now~ 

Too much bothering attitude would never get things done, though. Well, I guess that's why people regretting what they have done. For me, what is done, is done! We can't change the truth. All we gotta do is to alter it or maybe do some changes in the next cross road?! But, remember not to regret what you've done. There's no point at all!!! You can't change the past.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Live life to the fullest. That's what I'm planning to do now~

I enjoyed my holiday so far, but not with the rain and thunder strike here and there...... I hate thunder, especially those coming in the evening time. It makes me to stop down all my entertainment!!! Hmm..., why is it so?! Almost every evening I'll have to shut down my pc :(

I really like the life I'm having now. Lately, I've not been touching any of my books anymore. I don't even hold a pen too. Everything I touch everyday would be no other thing but keyboard and mouse only. I've even started playing my games now~ That's life babe ^_^ I love it...

How long would these kind of life maintain??? Well, it depends! I'm still undecided as usual......What is in my brain now is entertainment and fun!!! Come on, it's a holiday~ I wouldn't have holiday that often. I should treat myself right!!! Have fun as soon as I could before the busy days come to me again~

Ohh..., gotta baby sit my little nephew though!!! Baby's kinda naughty from time to time. Nevertheless, I don't blame him. Everyone used to be a baby, and every baby just enjoy bullying people. Erhmm..., I should say baby nowadays are getting clever. They learn very fast; grow very fast either!!!

I don't know. I like to play with him, but not when he's naughty or being rebellious. Somehow, I can be patient with that now. As I know, he's still small, and I don't understand what he wanted. Thus, I shall be patient to him. Well, maybe I used to be like that when I was young. So, I told myself shouldn't be like that. Huh...that really a big life test for me~

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

~Doubt and Worries...the Flavour of Life~

Sometimes, human are just so unbelievable. They are always doubt in life. I'm just one of those people.

Before exam, I worried. After exam, I also worried. The phrase "I worried" is just like a charm. A charm that would not leave us apart no matter what. People live with worries every day. It's kind of impossible to leave a life without doubt and worries.

Well, may be some mixture of doubt and worries in life is a good flavour of life. Nevertheless, I am not so happy with worries. Once in a while, it may proves that my doubts and worries are not necessary. However, this does not work all the time. Life is undergoing changes day and night. Today may be a sunny day, but no one can guarantee another sunny day again tomorrow.

There is always things coming around and things moving apart each day. There is also unexpected matter to appear in the future. No one would knows what would be waiting for us next. What we can do is to be strong and tough enough to face it.

I can't deny that I'm worried about my exam result now. Worst of most, I have to be patient for another eight to ten weeks before I can see my result. Again, another doubt exist. I'm curious to know my end result now. But, when the actual day has come, would I still be that well-prepared to see?! I doubt that too~ 

I could hardly make my decision now. How many subject should I tackle next sem?! I have told myself to follow the majority. Some how, I'm not satisfied with my decision......I'm not willing to make any changes to my process anymore. I just want everything to work out in the manner I wanted it to be, very badly!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

听歌high翻天 ^_^

李宇春 - 對不起,只是忽然很想你MV 

曲:kim se jin/seo jung jin

Sorry Sorry 只是忽然很想你
Sorry Sorry 這樣算不算愛情
什麼聲音什麼風景 觸動了我的心
不太確定不太相信 會忽然很想你


I Remember Remember
Sorry So Sorry

Sorry Sorry 只是忽然很想你
Sorry Sorry 這樣算不算愛情
什麼聲音什麼風景 觸動了我的心
不太確定不太相信 會忽然很想你


I Remember Remember
Sorry So Sorry

Sorry Sorry 只是忽然很想你
Sorry Sorry 這樣算不算愛情
什麼聲音什麼風景 觸動了我的心
不太確定不太相信 會忽然很想你

一杯咖啡 一場電影 都會牽引
無影無形 你的身影 隨時隨心
刻骨銘心 已經偷偷開始行進

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Holiday trip~

Exam's not end yet, but I'm planning for a short holiday trip with my secondary classmates. I really so into holidays!!!

Well, of course, it would be nice if I manage to have a trip with my friends. It'll be a nice memory for all of us going east and west after this~ However, I doubt if all this planning works well in the end?! Hmm..., well you know, budget needed! We earn no money now. Cannot expect too much, but a cheap trip around Malaysia will do (for me only).

Somehow, my friends are more interested on a trip to overseas. It's a cheap trip undeniable. 9 days trip to Beijing, Shanghai and etc for RM1k+ to 2k is really good enough. Moreover, all included - food and accommodation, and also transport plus tour guide. I just can't imagine myself to actually spend a total of that much at a whole lump sum.

Guess, I would be the one disappointing them at the end......?! Oh well, as a future accountant, I need to budget. That's the life of an accountant though. Not necessary to save for myself, could be save for my parents. I wouldn't allow myself to spend as much as that just for the sake of fun for my own only~

Oh no!!! What should I do, if the end result is a trip to overseas?! I'm undecided though I'm interested......

Lalala...my parents wouldn't actually allow me to go so far away from home without any familiar and trusted people around. Hahaha...conservative thinking, I shall say~

Gotta depends on faith... Friends, do choose a cheaper and nearer area for holidays?! I want to join you guys too. Melaka or Penang or KL or Kota Kinabalu or from Penang to Melaka to KL...anything...I don't mind. At least, I can still budget a little bit!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

♥hAppY biRtHdAy ♥to ♥myself♥

hAppY biRtHdAy to ♥myself♥

Once again, I'm having a terrible exam on my one and only special day for the year~

Have not been updating my blog lately because of all these examination. Today, I really have had a bad, bad, terrible day......I never felt so bad after an exam. Not even in my last semester which I got to sit for an exam where I don't have full confident. That really spoiled my mood!!!

No one would blame me for that I guess, but I just felt so bad about it! In no mood of celebrating my special day at all......I've been showing a sad, moody and down face ever since the examination ended. I saw some people with confident coming out from the exam hall; I saw some people coming out from the exam hall with a suspicious look. The most irritating news to hear was when my friend told me someone was actually not being honest to themselves - copying in the real examination!!!!!! Arghhh....angry to the max~

Sometimes I just don't understand how come 老天无眼?! These kind of people are just so being lucky enough to pass the exam without being caught by the invigilator. Are they blind or what?!

Uughh..I don't know~ I really don't feel happy at all today...!!! Felt like everything don't go in the way I wanted it to. What on earth is happening now???

Headache..bad headache~ Nothing much to wish for; nothing I'm expecting to have too. Just a piece of yam cake to satisfy my special day!!! That really make my day for now...

To be honest, I don't really have the mood to celebrate! Felt like to have this day repeated again after a good night sleep. Then, I can make a better today....which I know is impossible~ I'm in big trouble I think!!!

Just to make a wish in my special day before it ends:" I wish everything would be in an orderly manner as I expected it to be!"