Thursday, July 28, 2011

bAd peRsoNaLiTy

I was very happy, but not until something came up~ Okay, fine!!! Sometimes, I just don't understand certain people. I really don't know what are they thinking about?! Guess that people don't actually realise the bad habit that they are having unless someone actually point it out. Who on earth would be so busy body?! No one, of course......

You know what, there' some kind of person that can actually irritate you a lot if you can't handle it properly. The worst thing is that that person didn't find he himself irritating people. You want to why?! I'll tell you why. 

This kind of person can never accept advice from others. Only he himself can get people into hot water, but not he himself. This particular one always thought he is the best of all, clever, smart and everything he can do by himself~

In fact, he's as lazy as a pig, as grumpy as an old lady, as irritating as a bug and as lousy as a crap!!! Thought that he's clever so what?! Clever is not your daily food man...come on! How on earth are you going to feed on clever?! Oh my....I pity him!!!

Whatever~ I just so dislike this kind of people. Don't ever let me meet same kind of personality again some day out there......I can't guarantee I won't beat him up!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Music session♥¸. • * 张靓颖

When you think that life's getting bored, come have some music session!!! Oh yeah, music cure the boredom in your life  :D

張靚穎[改變] 官方高畫質 繁體字幕MV

[HD]張靚穎 愛就愛 MV 高清完整版 1080p

我飞故我在-- 林俊杰 Ft 张靓颖

《现在我终于明白 每个人都有原因而存在 有一种期待叫做未来……》 这是一段我认为歌里最有震撼力的一句话。

大家也一起来听一听吧! ^_^

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My weekends~

Have been playing crazily with my old friends last weekend. We have had a last minute gathering in the Saturday afternoon. Most importantly, I bought them their long time no meet friend, who is also my best buddy!!! Of course, we all played happily~

I was having the same thinking as my buddy which is "how on earth did my friend get to know so many places to gather?!". We actually get to meet at a place named "Meal Art" at Jalan Song. Overall, I can only said that the place is nice for "lim teh" only. Hahaha...why did I said so?! Well, I tried their food and it's too salty and a bit too much vinegar. I like their drinks though. It's reasonable and the taste just nice, not too sweet.

We had had a nice chatting session over there. We even took some photo there. One of them suggested us to move to another place rather than sitting right there for the rest of the hours. So, we decided to go Hills. Hohoho...funny!!! I've never been there before. We thought of meeting at Station One the next gathering......
At Hills, we played crazily too. We took a lot of photo at Pullman lobby. LOL!!! Guess that's our craziest moment of all... My friends actually thought of all sorts of pattern and style to take a photo. I think the staff there would thought that these group of girls are so crazy. What to do?! They can't chase us out anyway...we are customer!!!  :D

Before we dismissed, we have thought of the next gathering for Kuching Festival! This meeting would be rather difficult a bit. I'd be having my class starting August. Thus, they would be having a hard time to gather all of us on a specific time. All I can think of is on 12th or 13th August. Otherwise, either me or my buddy would be not available! Huh...bad bad~

Anyway, lets hope for the best!!! Hopefully my friend can depart on the 16th. Then, we'd be able to meet up on the 12th or 13th... ^_^

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Counting towards the end of my hols...

Only then I realised that time passes really fast. My holidays almost coming to an end~ Something good, something bad! Good is I can back to my busy life; Bad is I don't like my upside down life... Before it comes to a complete end, I shall keep myself scheduled for meeting some of my friends and colleagues ♥
Eventually, I've been meeting friends lately. A lot of them of course! Nevertheless, I've not met any of my ex-colleagues yet. Guess they should be waiting for the day to meet me~ I think I've not been doing well in this social life. I promised to meet them when I'm free, but I ended up busy with some other meetings and gathering.
Up till today, I've been to gathering with my old secondary friends for about twice already. Yet, I've not even spend my holidays once with my colleagues. They shall blame me for that. I'm guilty!!! Of course, my colleagues won't run away but my friends will. My colleagues would still remain in Kuching after some time, though there's some unpredictable circumstances.
However, one thing I can be very sure is my secondary friends are leaving very very soon. They have priority in my social time table. Anyway, I'm gonna schedule my time for my colleagues anytime soon. This coming Saturday may be?! Provided they all are free...... So, I'm gonna make my query to all of them tomorrow. Hopefully, they all would be available since I don't think I'll be having any free time for the next coming weekends.
Oh well, it's about time for Kuching Festival again! This time, I'm gonna spend it with my friends. My old friends already invited me in advance. Thus, I've no excuse anymore. If they were to go next weekend, then I'll be the one missing from my grandmother's house. Why did I say so?! Well, my far far away cousin is coming back from his graduation next week. I believe most of my close cousins would turn up by then, except me!!! 
Hahaha...what to do??? I can't help either. This would be the last Kuching Festival my friends would be celebrating before their departure to overseas. I can't missed this up though I'm looking forward to see him hugging my little nephew~

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


昨晚, 临睡前突然收到了一则短讯。 短讯内容大约是:“我误看了F9上课时间,于是错过了一整个block。 现在,想问看有没有人能够借我笔记参考一下。” 短讯内容虽然让我感到吃惊, 不过吃惊是其次, 懊恼倒是胜过于一切。 朋友向我求救, 我必然有责任尽我所能帮她一把。 我可是很用心地想看看有谁能帮她一把的哦! 想着想着,睡着了~

一觉睡醒来后,我第一件想到要做的事就是帮我那位朋友四处问问。吃着早餐的我,看着自己的面子书绞尽脑汁才决定向其五个人询问。 这五个人当中,有熟悉的也有生熟的; 熟悉的当然很乐于助人, 生熟的则另当别论了。 三个生熟的当中, 有一个很不给面子耶! 以前自己也曾经有求于人, 现在把人当透明嗄?! 至少,这次帮人的同时也让我看清了某些人的真面目!!! 拜托, 帮人不会要你命吧……! 需不需要二话不说, 直接脱离谈话?! 真现实呢~

果然朋友多有好处……早上刚送出的讯息, 下午就有好心人给了我一个好消息! 做朋友能做到这样算是不错了吧我?! 无条件的帮忙……有人还问我,为什么那么热心帮她?! 我便会答说:“人家有求于我,想必也是别无选择了吧! 既然我能帮得上忙, 那就帮呗!”

帮人的确不需要理由。 即使是没有回礼的帮忙, 那又怎样?! 倘若帮人是为了得到某些利益,那最好就视而不见, 不要帮更好。 从小,我们都被教导要养成帮人不求回报。 如今, 正是我们证明自己有把教导牢记在心里的时候了。 人家常说“人性本善”, 我到觉得“人性本难测”。 不到最后一秒钟,你是不可以那么快下定论地~

我做到了! 可是, 别人呢?! 我不知道别人是怎么想的, 但是不帮忙也好,帮不了也罢! 总得开口交待一下嘛……~ 对她,我真的无言。 希望她好知为之吧! 将来, 我会三思、三思,再三思才决定出不出手相救...   :X

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dream¸. • * ¨ `☆room☆

If I got a choice, I'd like to redesign my bedroom. It's not that I don't like my current bedroom, but I think I'd rather it to be in favour of me. Well, at least I'm not the only one who thought of it. Sometimes a little changes make life happier...

I browsed through the web few days back and I found some interesting idea of decorating my room. Quite impressive though. I enjoyed looking at the room design that it provides me with. There are a few design that I really so into it, but the colour would rather not my taste. I'd prefer dark colour. As what my mother always said:" Lazy people don't use bright colour." fact, I agree with her. Now, I'm free like hell. Nevertheless, the moment I start my class, everything would be very time consuming for me, what to say to clean my room?!

What style do you wish to have?! I see there are quite a couple of selection. There are easy, complicated, messy, romantic, nature, princess, office, luxury, childhood, holiday, bar and even lounge style. Amusing!!! 
Personally, I'd opt for the easy style. I think a place to rest shall not be too complicated. A room to rest with some entertainment stuff would be great! What kind of entertainment then? Hmm..., entertainment like enhancing books, music and computer (for me to blogging and social networking)~ Other facilities such as a closet, a table and chair, a cupboard to keep my entertainment stuff, and last but not least, a sofa which functions as a bed as well (can save a lot of space). Finally, I would match all these with my favourite colour - plum colour / chocolate colour (any one which is easier)

Of course, it may be very costly for me to change it all at once. Thus, I would start to set a target for myself starting from today. What plan am I up to?! Money saving plan...I'm sure it's hard to save money. However, when there is a target, there is a motivation!!! Oh come on, decorating your own room would be much more fun than wasting money elsewhere~

Don't you think having a room in favour is a meaningful things to do?! It's something that one can be proud of! After all, it's a room for yourself to rest at. Every one deserved to have a preferred kind of room in life~ When there's dream life, there's also a dream room......

Thursday, July 7, 2011

¸. • * ¨ `☆Crazy♥with♥IU• * ¨` ☆

Do you know who's IU?! Out of sudden, my brain is fully filled by the song of IU. Well, these might have been caused by the Korean drama - Dream High. I like her very much!!! Her songs are so sweet to hear. After I finished the drama, I started to search around for her songs. No doubt, she's young, cute and charming at the same time. She's just so perfect to me~ After a few research on her profile, I noticed that she's in fact very young. I'm so envy with her talent!

Here's some of her photo......¸. • * ¨ `♥• * ¨` ☆

In the drama of Dream High, she caught my attention when I saw her Miss Sushi costume. She has the potential to walk further in the future. Hopefully she can come up with more nice song, and of course, Korean drama. I really enjoy her present in my boring life~

IU is her stage name. Her real name is Lee Ji-Eun, who is born on May 16, 1993. Apart from that, IU often covers other pop artists' songs with her guitar and features her friend Thunder from MBLAQ, most notably renditions of SHINee "Juliette," Big Bang "Lies," Super Junior "Sorry, Sorry" and Girls' Generation "Gee."

She recently also sang a self composed OST called "Hold my Hand" for drama series The Greatest Love.

 For more song of IU, please visit my previous blog. There are more nice songs from her. ^^

Boredom = Music

I would like to share these songs and mv with all the readers. I'm currently addicted to these. This might be due to the fever with Korean Drama - Dream High!!! Enjoy people~

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I don't know why...but I can tell that I'm getting bored with the static life I'm having now. I used to be very enjoy, and in fact, I've always been hoping for these easy-going life.

It's something good to have, especially after a long, long tiring and busy semester schedule. Nevertheless, I think I'm going crazy staying at home, facing the comp almost every day besides weekends! I enjoy watching movie and dramas, but I just so hate the stagnant way of living. I feel like I'm wasting my time~

Do you understand the feeling of boredom I'm having?! I've been fighting and chasing after time all these while. For me, time is money. It's almost everything in my life! Without the present of time, there's not much thing I could do. If, if I don't have time, what else could I do?! I can't even sit back and relax at home now.

I just don't understand what should I go for next......Honestly, I'm stuck in the middle of a crossroad now. It's just so hard to decide and make up my mind. I can't even see what's my future!!! What's waiting for me in the future?! I'm too curious to know, but I'm reluctant to choose. I'm afraid that the path that I'm traveling now is not what I really wanted, or, may be not what I've been planning all these while~

Things could have change. I know, and I understand. Though I don't know why, but I could strongly feel that I'm not sure with my own path. When things come to a little change, there comes my doubt. I live with my doubts, I guess!!! I've never get to settle my doubts before moving on......

Life......~ It's always that hard to figure out!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011



老实说,我始终不太喜欢这个月。为什么呢?! 那是因为这个月充满了悲欢离合的场面啊! 不知不觉,曾经一起开心、微笑的朋友们,就快要离开到远处去求学了……嗨,真怀念以前的生活呀!至少,没有那么多悲欢离合; 有的,只不过是压力与竞争。 最残忍的莫过于是为了要离开而见面的那个场面。

其实,我很羡慕朋友们能到国外留学。 当然,这也是因为人家家境好, 羡慕不来的……心想,到国外留学有什么好呢?! 好处可多呢! 国外留学乃成长的过程。 它能让一个人长大、成熟、懂事及独立, 还有一个更重要的就是能够趁此机会到处游玩。 不过, 对于一些爱粘家又不晓得独自一人的家伙,就免谈了。 就算不去国外, 在国内留学也不为过,至少尝试过。

我真的感觉一夜间, 会失去很多朋友。 几年后再见面,恐怕有点距离感了吧! 毕竟,几年的时间能改变很多事情,包括友谊、思想和品味。 这个问题本来一直都存在着, 更何况是多年后?! 我也不敢多说什么了~ 大家你知我知呗!!!

就好像是今天,我无意中发现自己原来被一个人给X了。 怪不得这么久以来都没看见那个人的消息!!! 好吧! 你不仁, 别怪我不义……不管是有意或无意,对我而言不重要~ 重要的是别让我看见你, 更别想求我帮你做事。 我会把你看透明去的……! 反正,我又不是没干过这回事。 这种事,给我简单过喝水啦。

嗨, 不提了! 七月的开头, 就来点聚会吧! 是差不多该找我的旧同事见面了……来点八卦, 也无妨。 哈哈哈~