Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Extraction = Headache?!

Find myself have not been updating my blog for a week...Oh well, my life have been very exciting these days. Sort of!!!

I've got my wisdom tooth extracted last week which in other words - SUFFERING!!! Yeah, I'm suffering from a bad headache after the extraction. I can't do the normal daily activities I'm used to. Almost everyday I'm active for about 2 or 3 hours only. The rest of my time, I need a big rest. I can't move anymore the moment I got headache. I can actually feel the pain from my brain nerves when I walk around. And, ohh...I actually stop every revision process too~ BAD NEWS!!!

I'm left with another two more months to finish my whole revision for the final. Now, headache has been reducing my process. I wonder I can make it till the end this year. I'm regretting for the decisions I've made before the extraction. Nevertheless, regret is not gonna help anyway... All I'm gonna do is step-by-step, walk ahead, let the route leads me to the end~

Today, I've been practicing myself in drinking a cup of milk everyday. It's kinda suffering though. I don't like the smell it has. I don't know how to describe but I know I just can't stand the smell. Funny haa...?! I can eat cheese, but not drinking milk. =_=" I just need more time to practice myself to drink more milk. My parents kept telling me that I'm not having enough calcium. Laugh out loud!!! Kinda real though...

All I'm gonna conclude here is that drink more milk, get more calcium and take good care of your innermost wisdom teeth. :)

P.s. Have a nice day ahead everyone~ ^_^

Sunday, September 18, 2011


I have been living lazily lately. Doing not much, moving not more, eating not many, drinking a little... Most importantly, I broke my rule - started to crave for entertainment. 

I don't know. Lately, there seem to be a lot of holidays around with some celebration too. I've been participating well in these celebration. That's why...I'm not being able to concentrate on my studies. It's not a good sign for sure. Nevertheless, I'm just being helpless in these situation right now. I don't know how am I gonna motivate myself further when the time is getting shorter day by day!!!

I've been cutting writing blogs, which I think I did; I've been controlling myself not to watch any drama or movie, which I also did but may be a little bit naughty on Friday night; I've been trying my best to concentrate on my studies, which I've also tried; I've been spending more time on my books and exercises, which I also doing it...

I don't know, I just don't know what else can I do?! Am I pressing myself too hard just for the sack of fulfilling others' hope on me or rather I'm just doing it for I'm not satisfied with my own performance???

Sometimes, I'm just being doubtful with my route to future...... Life is full with doubt, but doubt can bring one to trouble, especially in the middle of a cross road~

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

人生的未知数♥¸. • *

本以为没有了娱乐,时间会过得特别慢。 怎知道时间不但没有变慢,还跑得比预料的还要快。 说好了不看戏、不娱乐、不联络, 我都做到了。 可是,时间依然一天一天的减少, 一天一天的逼近。 眼看现在已经是九月快一半了。 三个月后,又是残酷的一星期……

时间的逼近是我无法控制的, 但是时间的流失与否却是我能捉摸的。我不断地在生活,而时间却不断地流失。 为什么呢?! 那是因为人永远都不会在需要时间是嫌时间多!!! 我就是这种人咯……真的觉得时间不够用耶! 我发觉自己还有很多东西还没准备好, 时间却先走一步了。 真希望时间能再施舍我多一点,我真的真的需要时间~

一天二十四个小时真的很微不足道。 如果,如果时间能再长一点, 那该有多好? 看着时间满满地缩短, 我也开始由于起来了。 我犹豫自己的本事、自己的毅力、自己的决定、自己的选择、自己的下定决心……我犹豫一切一切!!!

好想让时间停下来, 停下来让我再重新考虑, 考虑自己是否做错了决定、选错了路…… 突然,我又想起了一首诗 —— The Road Not Taken。 心想当初如果没有选了这一条路, 另一条等着我的路又是否适合我呢?! 我也不知道。 人生充满着未知数,等着我们自己去接开……

Saturday, September 10, 2011

~*wee* Wasting time, writing blog~

Almost forgotten when was the last time I'm updating my blog. I'm kind of getting forgetful lately. Huuhh...not a good sign I guess~
What to do?! I can't even memorise my notes properly. People always said: "Understand it, not memorise it." Nevertheless, I don't think that everything works that way. Sometimes, there is certain things that you just gotta memorise. Well, at least there are keywords that you need to memorise. How could possibly that one can actually understand a keyword without memorising it?! When one is understanding it, they can be said that they are sub-conciously memorising it in fact.
Anyway, that's not my point of writing blog here. I'm just wanted to loiter around the blog with a purpose which is to waste my time on something I think useful. At least, it's useful than watching drama. Well, I don't know. I'm just expecting to stop myself from self-entertaining for this semester. I take it as a punishment for myself. Will that actually works, I also don't know!!!
What I know is that I get to become reluctant from time to time. I'm not fully self controllable. I also don't know what had causes all these de-motivation deep inside myself. I can feel that I'm de-motivated in a way, but neither know why, know how nor know what~
Maybe I'm just being not myself...... I'm getting tired of all these studying life I guess. X___X

Monday, September 5, 2011

Jxxxxx said!!!

Half a year ago,
Jxxxxx said: "I know you are big enough to choose what you want, but again I still feel like remembering you all that taking three papers is not an easy thing to do. If you take three papers, you can run faster. Nevertheless, what's the point to do so?! What happen if you are not running fast, instead you are running slower than the others? You might be thinking that taking three papers is an easy task, but I can assure that you might end up failing all three papers. So, what's the point if you can't guarantee a pass for all the three papers?!"
Jxxxxx said: "Next thing I'm going to say is about your PT. Up to today, I still see people getting below passing marks. How can you score below 50 when you want to take three papers? If you can't score well in your PT, how can you expect a pass in your final? Unless, there is a miracle or you just not taking the PTs seriously."
Jxxxxx said: "I hope you can reconsider what you are going to take for the coming final exam. I would still prefer those taking three papers to drop one; those taking two papers to drop one if you are not doing well for your PT."

Half year later, 
Jxxxxx said: "It's not that I like to come in here and keep on repeating,and repeating, and repeating the same old things, but I'm forced to do so. Really!!! You are big enough. I don't like to repeat the same problem every sem."
Jxxxxx said: "First thing first, INT. Anyone don't know what does INT means? You can open the window and jump now. You study till a higher level of F-papers and yet you tell me you don't know what is INT?!"
Jxxxxx said: "You people notice about the changes in exam entry, right? For those register earlier, we called them as early birds laa...you can get a cheaper price for your exam fees, but you have to make online payments. For those who don't want to do online payments, you can still use bankdraft but our college's deadline is on the XX/XX laa because we still have to courier to UK. For those who make payment later than that, you still have the deadline up to XX/XX. That deadline is already an "angry bird". Don't make online payment later than that, if not really "angry bird" later."
Jxxxxx said: "I see people taking four papers this sem. I don't know you fail the paper or you are actually taking four papers, but I would prefer you to drop some of it. You should have clear the early papers in order to extreme in the later papers. If you are not doing well in the earlier papers, how are you going to do well in your later papers?! I still see people scoring less than two-digits. How can you score less than that when you want to take four papers? It's impossible. You wouldn't be able to tackle all four at once. You might end up failing all four papers. So, for those who are taking four papers, drop at least one or two. Clear the earlier papers before you moving to a higher level."

What I wanted to comment here is that this person is in fact hoping the student to fail. No, I shall said he's cursing his student to fail. Why should we defer when we are asked to pay for deferment fees and retake fees. It's just a waste of time laa... Anyhow it's our choice. Can't he just respect people's choice. Come on laa..., give the student some support le!!! Don't every sem come in also ask the student to drop one or two papers. Like that you can earn more money, the student have to waste more time, you know?! Why can't this person just thought about whether they are giving a good service to the student instead??? Last sem people take three, he asked people to drop one or two; This sem people take four, he asked people to drop two or three. All he had in his mind is to ask the student to drop papers. Hey, you are teaching the student to demotivating themselves!!!