Monday, October 31, 2011

Busy week vs. Busy week

A busy week had just passed, yet here comes another terrible week. Starting from today, I'll be having a month fully occupied by revisions and weekend classes. Talking about weekend classes, I felt like to faint~ Imagine a weekend classes of 4 days continuously from early morning to late evening...... Awful weekends!!! matter how awful will it be, I'll still have to face it though! Just can't believe how am I going to look like by the time I finish my weekend classes, especially I'll need to prepare for my group revision right after a long weekends I'm having. Is that really a life of a uni student?! Then, it shall be rather too torturing. I don't feel the sense of uni though. What I felt was the pressure of studying, studying, and studying.

Hmm...when November begins, this shows how nervous I'll need to be by then. It's a month of preparation I'll have before the final. A time for me to prepare for my resit papers as well as my current studying subjects.
Here it goes again, the creepy feeling of exam when it comes to LAW. The unease feeling of getting 10 questions, and having a limited time of not more than 3 hours (180 mins), which means approximately 18 minutes to write out an answer of one and a half page full in order to get 10 marks. The biggest stress I'm having is the so called standard of examination for ACCA - to attempt every questions, otherwise FAIL you get though in actual you score more than pass @_@
As a conclusion, don't judge a thing by its appearance. ACCA seems to be easy for having it to be completed in the shortest time of 3 years (including CAT), but in fact it's not as easy as it's expected to be. Nevertheless, the benefit could be gain from achieving ACCA is really WOW!!! P.s. Provided you get it hahahahaa......

Well I admitted that I've not been doing the best of me, did I?! Nah...I don't think so. Otherwise, I should have called myself as brainless~

Friday, October 21, 2011

~♥ 十月之短 ♥~

十月,是个很多人生日的一个月 ^_^   很快的,十月就要结束了。 由于不想节外生枝, 所以最近都在努力的翻书、做习题。 几乎,每一晚都非一两点不睡, 是苦了自己,也苦了身体啊! 有时候白天上课时,眼睛超爱睡的, 不小心还真的会睡着去呢! 不过,心想只要熬过了这剩余的两个月, 将来就会变得更美好无瑕了。 可惜的是我不但不能非常地确定自己能否顺利过关, 而且我这老人家还真不能耐, 老爱睡, 不能熬夜。

最近,还被学校的CEO大发牢骚, 抱怨我们不够尽心尽力、来求学是抱着玩玩的心态、即浪费时间又浪费金钱。 最让我听不顺耳的事,他竟然说:“你们又不用照顾弟妹更不可能打扫,不是吗?! 那你们都说没时间,没时间什么呢? 没时间上网、玩面子书!我就不信你们会打扫呢!” 他这一番话,还真让我有股冲动相向他一拳打过去~ 拜托,在这世上不是每个人都活得好、睡得暖、三餐吃的饱。 家家有本难念的经, 他肯定没听说过吧! 女人终会有自己的责任与负担——那就是做家务事。 不是每个人都像一些人一样好吃懒做, 父母疼惜得不得了的。 同行学徒一提到他还真想赏他一巴掌呢! 没有正常读书时间也就认了, 现在还敢来提我们的家教?!
尽管如此, 我却觉得有一些是他说的并没有错。 现在的人的确擅长把时间花在面子书上, 我算是改过来了。 只不过, 因为一些老师利用面子书与学生沟通,所以非上不可。 他说时间所剩无几这一点, 我真的很感激,感激他再次让我更心急烦躁。 每天更努力地提醒着自己时间又少了一天…… 但是, 知识技巧却不见有好转! 心烦呐!

几天前,传来一个朋友失恋的 消息。 当时觉得身为朋友是该慰问一下。 如今,我和另一个朋友都有点后悔慰问了。 他几乎每天都会向我另一个朋友传短讯、聊天, 搞得我朋友神经紧绷, 决的他在她身上寻找前女友的影子。说完, 他就打来我这儿聊了一会儿。 听他的语句,让我也很压力。 有种莫名的恐惧感, 想逃离他的来电, 避而远之。 谈话中,他说有意相约我出来喝茶、聊天兼谈论课业。 但是, 我还真还怕要答应他呢! 我可不想当他朋友的影子, 让他取得安慰。 治疗伤口有很多种方法,就唯独他这一种方法我不赞同。 我现在和另一个朋友约好了,尽量保此低调, 能避多久就避多久。 至少,在考试之前我不想让任何事情烦到我们的思绪。
很好笑吧! 如果不是因为他是男的, 我们还不至于如此呢! 他上回打得那通电话都还我被家人问了好一会儿。 好在我向来不多交待自己的私事 =.=

接下来可有得熬了, 希望熬得过吧!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Latest me :P

I’ve been giving myself an easy life lately though the final is just around the corner. I think I’ve gone to the wrong field. Well, this is what I choose. So, what I’m gonna do now is to work it out!!! I really need to work it out now. I’ve no other choice up to this level. Never give up on the path we choose, that’s all I can tell myself all these while. I’m trying my best now. Learned to sleep late even though I’m having classes next day just to gain myself more extra times preparing for my final. It’s about one and a half month from now. Choosing to sit for four papers in the final is killing, but wasting my time and money for the decisions I’ve made are more killing.

Hahaha introduced to you my new kids’ toothbrush after I’ve remove my wisdom tooth. This is what I’m using currently. I’ve no choice apart from using it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to brush all my teeth properly with a big empty tooth socket unsealed there. I was so shock to hear that it shall take me about 10 years to fully cover up the tooth socket. I should have requested the dentist to stitch it up for me earlier on. Well, this is what happened when dentist is in a hurry, especially on a peak day like Friday.

Another thing I’ve been depending on so far would be this – Listerine! Found it very useful and helpful after I’ve plugged off my wisdom tooth. It actually enables me to clear my tooth socket properly. If not, I think my socket would fill with foods I ate…… Never like to use it before because of the taste and smell it has. But then, I started to like it as it helps me a lot in clearing my mouth. Nevertheless, this would be the new expenses in my life now. I can actually finish one bottle of 250ml within a month. Hmm…gotta get some bigger bottle Listerine soon!!!

Lately, I’m back to eating-mode. Almost every weekend when I’m free from classes, I’ll start to think of a menu to prepare with my sister. It’s so much fun to have all the delicious food on the table rather than all the same old menu daily. Somehow, it’s nice to prepare food and sit around in a family to eat. It’s much more fun that we could have ^_^

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Some ridiculous people around the world...

Here I am again to complain about a guy! I'm supposed to post it out on Monday, but there was some line connection problems that I'm facing by then. I didn't thought of writing blog to neither scold people nor cursing people. However, I find it very useful to release my anger here rather than I exploded my brain indirectly!

There is a guy who worked as an administrative staff in my college. He's having a kind of attitude that I'm not happy with all these while. Nevertheless, I thought it's forgivable as human has their own attitude or mood, but provided that they know how to control it...... Well, at least, that is my limit!!!

You know what?! That sick guy was busy doing his things. I saw that!!! Thus, I thought of standing at a side silently, expecting to wait for him to at least finish keying-in his thing first. Unfortunately, he come to me and get my book. He said: "Borrow haa???" I replied him by saying: "Nope. It's renew." He then continue said: "You didn't say you want to renew, I thought you want to borrow. Next time, renew say renew!!!" I was so shock by then. A picture come to my mind, thinking: "Didn't my library list showing it clearly. Did you actually doing your job?! Why on earth did you said that to me? I didn't do anything wrong, did I?" A lot of question marks just go by my brain at that second~ 

I walked away, giving him a kind of unhappy look without looking further for any anger to shoot right to me again! I was so angry after that. I'm so speechless, especially I'm being scolded when I'm trying to do something good which is to let him finish his work before I asked him to help me to renew my book. Yet, I ended up being "shoot" for something which I think is ridiculous. It's not only me the only person feeling that. My friend also asked me why did he asked such a question to me and his temper......

Well, I don't know! I'm just taught to be polite to customer, especially to those who are doing services. Did I just get scolded for a service I'm paid for?! Obviously, I was!!! He's gonna pay for that, I tell you! I'm not the kind of person who can get things forgotten easily. I told myself to put him into trouble in the next nearest staff evaluation form. He should have paid for what he had done.

Starting from that day onwards, I ignore him almost thoroughly. The moment I saw him, I give him an angry look. I didn't talk to him. When I want to renew my book, I said out loud: "Renew!!!" with a strong, demanding tone. Hopefully he's aware of my unfriendly attitude towards him. Well, you know, some people are just so damn ignorance of the mistakes they have made or rather they are not aware of it at all. SLOWCOACH...SLOWCOACH...SLOWCOACH!!! the way, he's the most ridiculous guy I've ever seen before~ Gentleman out there, please don't be like him!!! It's so damn annoying...