Monday, January 30, 2012

Girls Generation - The Boys (Dance Version) HD

I'm so enjoy watching they dance. Haha anyway I was first caught by the interesting and colourful opening mv~
Hope you all enjoy too ^_^

Thursday, January 26, 2012

CNY 2012

It's the third day of CNY!!! Happy Chinese New Year everyone~

I've been very busy since the first day of CNY. Serving and washing, serving and washing...that's the only job I have for the entire CNY. Kind of boring and tiring though, especially when you are the only one to do the whole task at a time. I have to greet people, serve and wash at the same time. Even my relatives also laugh at me saying: "The youngest in the house...always the last to come out to greet. So busy." I said: "What to do?!" I really have no choice but to complete my task.

The second day of CNY thought of waking up late. Nevertheless, still have to wake up early preparing myself to go out for visiting. @.@ Kinda faint already. Imagine I slept so late the night before......

The third day of CNY. I went for visiting with my friends!!! It's the fun part of the entire CNY celebration. Going out with friends can hear a lot of university life's story from them. It's been a long time that I've not seen them. This CNY gather us all together, except for the other four gang who are away from hometown. I'm the driver today! Oh, I was so lucky to have my mission accomplished...... It's been a long time I didn't drive the car. Lol. I drive my mum to clinic; I drive myself to my friends' house; I drive all the way to free industrial zone to pick up my sister [P.s. That's the only condition for me to book the car for the whole day!]
Anyway, driving's tiring~ I can only said that I'm totally tired now. Leg pain after driving for the whole day. Luckily, I went out to meet a long lost Singapore friend just now with another friend of us, who is very automatically willing to drive me. Otherwise, I think I'll go elsewhere with the heavy rain outside. I totally see nothing from the window.

I need to recharge my battery for tomorrow. more day then I'm back to school life. And ohh!!! Not to forget, my working life too~

Having fun today though is tiring, but I've heard a lot of funny story and jokes. That's made my day~

Friday, January 20, 2012

~My 4th Miracle Day in 2012~

After I have been waiting for so long, finally my fourth miracle day come to me three days before CNY!!! OMG...I'm so excited and happy now. Although there has been a lot of bad prediction for me in this year, but what will happen can never be avoided. Why not just let it be...?!

Everything just come to me so well at the beginning. I wonder would the bad things come to me on 13 February... It's the most scary day of all ever since I have started my fundamental level~

Four papers in a sem is fantastic but lethargic; When it comes to result release date, I couldn't imagine. I can imagine every friend of mine who knew I took four papers would surely come to me that day. Yeah.., I know. It's a challenge to myself. At the same time, I thought of chasing back my life time in studies. No matter what it will be, will be.'s not a suitable time for this at the moment. I'd better think about how to keep all my study material away from the living room. I've terribly messed up my thing all around last sem @.@

Gotta concentrate on my cleaning job now...
Have a prosperous Chinese New Year everyone!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

...Just Not My Style...

CNY's coming soon! I'm not totally ready for it though. I haven't clean my stuff, living room and also study room. I have a lot, lot, lot more things to clean. Yet, I'm totally reluctant to do it.

In this very new year, I've made some changes to myself. My hair. I've curled my hair as what my friends always encouraged me to do. Now, I regret to do it. I really shouldn't have change my stand for my style all this while. I find curling my hair is a disaster I created for myself. @.@

Well, at least I'm sure I'm totally not into this curly hairstyle. It's in fact a "boom" of my hair. doubt it does look hairy on me. Nevertheless, I found my hair texture is not really suitable to it. The curl don't get that curl; the straight don't get that straight; the hair goes here and there, and everything is in a mess.

Disaster! It's a big big disaster~

I'm thinking of straightening now. For me, money is important, but appearance seems to be more important to be now. However, I need to get through some people's approval first, I guess?!

Well, I see this would be another good challenge to me this year. What other solution I can have besides straighten it back to my original hair???

Cutting it off could be a good idea, but...there's a long way for it to get long; Tie up my hair at the moment could be another solution, but...there's gonna be a lot of comment and criticism here and there; Just let it be might be the last choice, as it's not a good idea at all because I might look crazy with that style on me, walking out there.

Anyway, I could only say: "It's just not my style." After this time, I think I would rather stay either long or short hairstyle will do... Well, short hair can always grow long; long hair can always cut short. When there's neither short nor long I can decide, then medium I go. As soon as, I remain straight hair.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

JJ Lin 林俊傑 - 陌生老朋友 ( Dear Friend )

作詞:林夕 作曲:林俊傑

問候太客套 不要太像社交
不如胡說八道 yeah
找你不好找 不稀罕什麼心照
不如多幾張合照 yeah
誰說見面不重要 淡淡如水的君子之交
心有靈犀的境界多高 我不信那一套

陌生老朋友 這樣的稱號要不要
小人就小人 友情不用搞得太深奧
永遠遙遠地微笑 這樣的關係要不要
小人就小人 甜如蜜的來往有多好
有什麼不好 yeah

寧願久不久 有事沒事也說說笑笑
不怕有磨擦吵吵鬧鬧 只怕太有禮貌

陌生老朋友 這樣的稱號要不要
小人就小人 友情不用搞得太深奧
永遠遙遠地微笑 這樣的關係要不要
小人就小人 甜如蜜的來往有多好
有什麼不好 yeah

陌生老朋友 這樣的稱號要不要
小人就小人 友情不用搞得太深奧
永遠遙遠地微笑 這樣的關係要不要
小人就小人 一年一度問你好不好
你說好不好 yeah

My new 2012 come in a way...

It's Wednesday!!! The third day of miracle to happen in my life......

In this brand new 2012, my first new year resolution would be to get through my interview. In fact, I don't plan what my resolution should be in this new year. However, everything just move where it should be. So, I just treat it as my new year resolution.

I passed my interview and my examination on the same day, which I called it my first day of miracle.

I got a phone call on the second miracle day to go get a medical check up.

Today, the third miracle day, I got a word from the HR people that I'm 99% confirm. Another 1% would be the remaining health report and the offer letter.

Now, I'm waiting for the fourth miracle day to come to me as soon as possible. Yeah!! I'm way too curious to know the end result now. I'm totally have 50:50 attitude towards my medical report. Anyway, everything would go in the way it should be, if and only if, that is what it is suppose to be.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


It's a brand new year. Everything was suppose to be in a good start. However, not until the heavy rain on Thursday.

The rain started late at night and stopped around 3am. An hour later, the rain continued heavily non stop. This had caused the entire town area seriously flooded early in the morning. This situation had not been happening for quite a long time already. Could you imagine the entire town area of Kuching is being flooded like what?! This is totally ridiculous.

That morning left me a very bad impression on this new year. It's not a good start like what I've expected. My house had never been into such flood circumstances for years, from when I've started my school life. Even though when I'm in Form 2 there has been a minor flood situation, but I managed to walk through it to get back to my home. The water level that time was just about half of my knee length. The road was not badly flooded back then.

I was just curious how can the rain brought such a big disaster to us early in the morning??? This is so ridiculous!!! Could you imagine the water level can actually cover the bonnet of a car, and some can even cover the entire rooftop of the car?! This is seriously making me sick~ What to say the flood had actually causes people to drown away by the big monsoon drain nearby my house......

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Davichi & T-ara (다비치&티아라) - We were in love

Here's another mv of T-ara & Davichi to share with you all.
It's 2012 everyone!!!
What's new in your life this year?
What's waiting for you? Find out soon...

T♔ARA 居麗篇 - Lovey-Dovey MV( Melon ver. )

I so like T-ara. So happy to watch their new mv on youtube again!!!
Enjoy everyone ^_^  It's a brand New Year~