Friday, February 24, 2012

A kind of people~

In this world, there's a kind of people who is not so extraordinary;
This person has nothing special, nothing can be expected from - not even a promise.
What to say a word that is coming out from the mouth?!

When you feel like being kind and good to a person, you'll just ignore everything bad from them.
You share your notes upon request for the reason "busy" from that person.
Nevertheless, did this person think for you?!

When a short message was sent, nothing came back in return.
You thought the other party might be real busy by then.
In fact, when you get into social network and check......
Whoa!!! Terrific conversation from the page.

You see, how ignorance can  a person be to you???
You might be thinking of doing some charity to them, but how did they treat you in return???

When you miss called, this person will call back.
That was still okay, BUT how dare for giving a disappointing answer in return!!!

Can I said that to you as well, if I was in your position?!
I'm sure you won't even happy with it okay~

Halo! Oh, come on!
If you were not in the mode of studying, then please leave me far far away.
Please, please, don't waste my notes so as my time.
It took me time to finish that okay!!!
I'm borrowing you for I'm kind enough.
Even though I know you have been creating all sorts of stories, but what to do?!
I'm not good in being mean to people.

Remember! When I starts to get mean, you'll don't even expect a word from me anymore.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

'시간이 흐른 뒤(As Time Goes By)'_ T (윤미래)

Enjoying myself with some nice song after a long weekend classes.
Hope you all enjoyed this too!!!

As time goes by......

Friday, February 3, 2012





眼看她已走远,就悄悄与同训练的同事说:“嗨呀!我走到哪里都遇见我的老板。又遇见他了啦。” 朋友转身找看,结果就说:“哎,你真的是太倒霉了!他就在你的后面那桌吃饭呢!” 此时此刻,我真的就只能说:“不会吧!这样邪门?”

还以为他不会发现到我就在他后边。结果,倒霉的事接二连三的来。只能说,还好我没被吓倒,也没咽着。他竟然不出半声的突然敲了敲我旁边的空桌子, 说:“你休息到几点?等一下先跟我到office走一趟。”

说好的同时,我在心里想:“拜托,我在休息耶!” 还我根本吃不下,就随口吃了几下,等他吃完一同走呗!






说着说着,快下班了。就这样,我解脱了!!!但是,一想起我有很多东西要背要记得,就觉得很烦,尤其是product code & accounting code。


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

4MEN & Jang Hye Jin - Don't Laugh Don't Cry [Eng. Sub]

I do not owned this mv. It's just simply a sharing from me ^_^

Sharing a nice song from Youtube which I found it yesterday! I'll miss the days with music on~
Enjoy your day ahead everyone *\\^_^//*

First day @ work~

First day of work. I can only said I'm damn tired now!!! Got a feeling of panda look in my ID's photo today. There's always so many rules and disciplinary rules that I need to follow. Hooaa......I'm yawning non-stop since afternoon in the Training and Development Department. @.@ Moreover, I'm almost fall asleep in the CSR presentation. Luckily, I was awake when the presenter mentioned about Article 12 / 21 I also forgot now. Why?! It was because he mentioned: "I know there is one person from Finance Section. You should need this." I really awake from sleeping. And, I'm totally awake since then.

The place is so big, honestly. So, tomorrow I need to spare an extra 10 minutes for me to walk all the way from car park to my office block to scan in my ID. Pheww...I got a feeling of my life in secondary school. I also walk all the way from my house to school which took me about 7 to 8 minutes. That was if I walk very fast.

I saw my future to be head for more than 3 times today. I got no choice but to greet him every time I saw him. Seems to be impolite if I didn't greet him though as he keeps looking at me. Finally, after I "touch and go" my ID after off-duty, I met him again. I also greet him and I thought that would be the last for the day. Yet, he suddenly came over with his bicycle and called my name asked: "What's your ID number haa?" I've got a question mark in my mind then, but I just answered his question in return, and start thinking whether he's asking it for fun or he wanted to buy a lucky number today. Laugh out loud!!!

Anyway, gotta stop writing at the moment. I'm so sleepy now. Gotta get a good night sleep for a better me tomorrow~ Night everyone... ^_^