Thursday, May 17, 2012

劉力揚 - 旅途 (官方版MV)

等等我慢慢活 日子該怎麼過
你擁有的我都有 是否就快活

總是在不停體會 不停玩味要的未來
生命經歷不同檔位 跑累了我就脫離車隊

還有 多少沿途的美
快要 淪為世界瀕危
還要 快到多少mile 爆掉多少胎 才想要停下來

謝謝一路上經歷的傷害 讓我整個人強大了起來
加速到達不了的地方 停下來看風景或到處逛一逛

Sunday, May 13, 2012

马嘉轩 - 《认错》官方MV

张起政 - 《说爱了》官方剧场版MV

寂寞出口-符瓊音 李俊潔 [寂寞同盟]电视剧主题曲(完整版)


Time is running real fast now. Out of sudden, its about half of the month - May gone. Oh dear!!! I can't believe it......

What I've been doing for all these passed months??? It seems like I didn't do anything much either. Besides working, still working; Apart of studying, still studying. That's all I've been doing. I'm not playing much either, but time just passed by like that. So fast and furious. LOL >.<

I'm running out of time now...~

All I'm gonna do is to chase back all the time that remain in this semester now. I've got lots and lots of things that need to catch up with. My studies of course!!! No more working matters in this point of time. I'll need full concentration with my revision within this month. Hence, what I've been practicing now is to sleep less, read more; play less, revise more & etc.

What most annoying now would be the last minute changes to the revision time table due to some inconvenient of the lecturer. Guess what?! We're going to have a last minute revision a week before the final. That was a mess of it. She's not completed everything in the syllabus yet. A last minute revision wouldn't help then. What to say I'm gonna have my OT during the period where the revision time is replaced with.

I just don't understand why on earth is this lecturer keep clashing her time with my work. She always did that. I HATE THAT...!!!

Anyway, life's going well so far. I've celebrated Mother's Day with my family and it's more than once. Hahaha...that's what happen when a mother has more than one daughter. I did my part as a daughter, did you?!

After this, I need to prepare for some surprises from my friends and colleagues. As far as I know, my colleagues are going to celebrate my special day with me on the actual day. Well, it's going to be fun! My first day out with my colleagues...~

Lets just hope that they don't make it to grand until the whole office get to know my special day. I'll like to keep it silently. Haha!!! Getting more mature in less than a month's time.

Hoping a better future ahead~